Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Peggy from US

I have been a tenant and prospective tenant both here in Japan and in the US. I've also worked in real estate before. My father is a broker himself, so I know the difficulties that each side faces.

Usually, brokers get prospective renters who make long lists of requirements for an amazing apartment at an unrealistically low price.

Renters usually complain about brokers who show them apartments that don't match their criteria at all, or only barely, or are above their budget.

This was not the case with Harada-san, despite our admittedly long list of requirements. He didn't waste our time pushing apartments that didn't meet our criteria. At his office, before even seeing any apartments, we had a brief discussion about what we were looking for in an apartment, and spent about an hour looking at all the various possibilities in the database. We saw only 3-4 before seeing and deciding on the perfect one.

Compare this to the experiences we had around the same time--a broker who printed out some listings and then showed us some that explicitly violated some of our deal-breakers. There was another broker who basically laughed in our faces for starting to look for apartments one month before our scheduled move instead of the apparently usual two weeks before.

Harada-san is the consummate professional-- extremely helpful with translating documents, speaking to management offices, other brokers, and landlords on our behalf. He was very patient in explaining various things--about setting up utilities, moving in, etc.

One of the things that impressed me most was his responsiveness. Literally 30 seconds after I hit "send" on an email asking for more information about an apartment listing I saw on GaijinPot, Harada-san called me. I did most of the emailing for me and my husband, but Harada-san made sure to CC my husband on every email. He missed only one, which he self-corrected before I even noticed. Even my wedding planner wasn't as thorough!

He even took the initiative to negotiate on our behalf--without our even having to ask--for an effective reduction in rent, lower deposit, and lower key money.

We are moving into our new place in a few weeks, but Harada san said we can email or call him anytime if there is a problem with the apartment. Now that is service! You definitely don't get this kind of after-care in the US.

I'm not getting any money or other benefit for my review; I'm just a big believer in rewarding quality professionals with positive reviews and more clients.

Emeline from Canada

Kaz was great and responsive the whole time throughout the searching phase. Fluent in English and Japanese, he's translated all the necessary documents and discussions and supported details such as guarantor company, different ways of payments, etc.

Wilhelm from Poland

Mr. Harada was very helpful. After sharing some places with us he visited one of them with me even though it was already quite late in the evening. He responded promptly to my questions and helped out by acting as an interpreter during the time when we signed the contract. Thank to him I found a place fairly quickly within a limted time that I had. Thank you!

Charbel from US

I had to find an apartment in a short time and Kaz really put a lot of effort to help me. He was responsive and caring.
He found me the perfect fit and took care of all the paperwork for me. It can be complicated to find an apartment in Tokyo but not with Kaz :)

Mina and Jun from Korea

(Original) Kaz-San 덕분에 좋은 집 잘~구해서 이사완료! 친절하고 신속한 일처리에 감사합니다.
Even though I can't speak Japanese, I got a fab shelter without inconvenience with Mr. Kaz assistance

Nick from UK

This is the second time I've needed Kaz's services to find property, and both times the process went very smoothly. Thanks Kaz - I'll be in touch again next time I need you!

Robert and Melissa from US

Kaz helped my husband and I find an apartment that would accept our unique situation of owning one dog and one cat. Evidently, this is not common in Japan, but Kaz worked hard to find apartments that meet our checklist items and still allowed our pets. He found us a gorgeous apartment that we're both very happy with and made the entire process so much easier than it otherwise would have been. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for excellent service and a smooth move-in process. Thanks again, Kaz!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Victorson from US

Our family of 3 recently moved to Minato-ku, Tokyo.  We were only given a month to stay in the corporate housing and were required to secure a permanent accommodation.  It was challenging to find a place that met our needs and budget (i.e. musical instruments, walking distance to the office, close to a park, etc).  A colleague provided Harada-san’s contact information.  After an initial introduction via email and providing high level specification of our requirements, Harada-san came back to us not only on the same day but within a couple of hours and recommended several potential places.  What a great start!
In my book, a good agent is proactive and works to obtain the client’s needs.  Harada-san is much more.  Having some time living in the U.S., Harada-san is understanding, compassionate, hospitable, and relatable to the needs of an ex-pat family.  When visiting the recommended places, Harada-san also provides factual information about the neighborhood and the general do’s and don’ts of living in Tokyo, Japan.  As new comers to the country, the information provided was truly beneficial.  Harada-san was a key figure in helping our family secure a place and in the right time when our temporary accommodation was coming to an end.  He expedited the application process to ensure the permanent place is readily available.
Harada-san gives us comfort that, he is not doing his job for the sake of making a commission.  He wants to ensure that clients are satisfied with their selection and addresses any potential issues or challenges.  Our family is truly grateful to Harada-san for his efforts in the process of securing a place we now call home.

Simon from France

Kaz was active and helpful to find an apartment to buy even though my loan situation was uncertain.  In the end it all worked out and we found a nice home.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Alen from US

Kaz helped me find an apartment for the second time now. This time around I had more specific requirements and Kaz managed to help me find a great apartment in a very nice area of Tokyo, and was helpful throughout the whole process. I am very happy with my new apartment.