Monday, December 2, 2019

Sean from Australia

Have used the services of this company 4 times. Very satisfied each time. Unfortunately, dealing with Japanese landlords and real estate companies can be a headache for non-Japanese prospective tenants. Hikari Home will help you find an apartment and then handle negotiation with the owner for a reasonable rate. Well worth it to avoid the headache.

Eric from US

I highly recommend going solely through Kaz when you look for an apartment whether you are a foreigner or Japanese. Other agencies are so slow and all they do is try to invite you to their office. With Kaz, everything was so efficient. He only showed me relevant places according to my specifications and always responded by email within minutes. I was even able to send him any link I found online of any place and he would instantly tell me if it was available and how much the move in cost will be. Highly recommend making Hikari Home your one stop shop so you dont have to waste time going through multiple agents to find your place.

Sean from US

Kaz knows how to work effectively with both Japanese and foreigners.
He was great at communicating and negotiating the contract details with the owner of the apartment that I rented. He is very fast to respond to emails and phone calls. I recommend him highly for any foreigner that needs help navigating the Tokyo Japan housing market.

Amira from Malaysia

I was looking for a house and was in contact with a couple of agents - Japanese and English speaking, but have met several roadblocks that caused me not to proceed e.g. language barrier, delay in responses, the feeling of being pressured to decide on a house. That's when I stumbled upon the positive reviews here at Hikari Home and decided to pop over for a visit.

After our initial meeting, Kaz was consistent about following up to make sure that we've the documents ready to proceed. Setting up an appointment just a few days prior was possible. He looks up the houses that we've already seen online and keen on viewing and shows the possible properties we can look into through the database in his computer. If a property is likely not going to work out, he clearly advised and communicated why.

We visited a few houses within a day. In the visits, Kaz did not impose his thoughts on the house, rather asked what we thought of it and let us decide for ourselves. We decided on one at the end of the visit.

Kaz knew that we were in a rush. With his help and orchestration, we were signing the contract after less than 10 days of the visit!

TLDR; the communication is seamless, the responses are quick, the whole process is transparent, there is no pressure.

Thank you Kaz and Hikari Homes!

Charlotte from France

a month ago-
I totally recommend working with Kaz. We were looking to move house quickly and Kaz was quick to act; he was very responsive by email and phone and quickly set up appointments to visit places. He understood our strict requirements and worked well with them, honestly telling us if something was going to be challenging, hence helping us to find the best options for us in the current housing market. Kaz also has excellent English which allowed for flawless communication and again sped up the process of finding a place quickly. I would definitely recommend Kaz and his company to friends who are looking for

Dave from UK

Highly recommend working with Kaz to find a new place. We had pretty difficult requirements (must be in a certain area, must be large etc), but Kaz took that in his stride and sent us plenty of options. His communication was incredibly responsive, which was great since we were keen to find a place quickly. He also thinks ahead - so for example, he listed all the documents we should prepare for the application before we needed them, saving us from delays when we found the place we liked. Kaz is very kind and helpful, and speaks superb English.