Monday, August 11, 2014

Grecia from Spain

Looking for an apartment in Tokyo can be very overwhelming. You could literally live anywhere! Before meeting Kaz I met many realtors who wouldn't just understand what I wanted. Kaz asked me enough questions as to understand exactly what I needed and he searched for places that exactly fit my needs. He also gave me advice on different locations and lifestyles. Besides he is a really nice and fun person! Kaz is great for any person looking for good apartments within Tokyo.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Krystle from Singapore

Harada san is very attentive to our requirements and so was able to show us gradually more apartments that were close to our expectations.
His schedule was flexible enough to fit in our after-office hours, as well as weekends, which really helped us a lot in finding our apartment in such a short time.
Although he doesn’t have a car, he brought us around in taxis and sometimes on foot so we could experience and assess the walking distance ourselves.
We like his straightforward nature as it is pure honesty which we truly appreciate, and it has helped in our assessment and expectations.
Thank you Harada san for your great efforts and we appreciate it!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Peter from Canada

Kaz of Hikari Homes catered to my needs and helped me to find a new home in a new city.  He explained and translated everything and answered all of my specific questions.  He even looked out for me with little things like keeping records and offering to keep records of important documents, as well as setting up my utilities.  Additionally, he has been helping me to understand the specifics of my building while living here and has offered to help with future interpretation needs regarding my apartment and utilities.  This is the best possible service that I could have imagined.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Shaun from Australia

Kaz came highly recommended from a friend. He met our expectations and then some. Kaz was professional, efficient and quickly worked out exactly what we were looking for. He's a tough negotiator who will take your side and look out for your best interests. And he's also just a really nice guy. We have no hesitation recommending him to anyone looking for a smooth landing in Tokyo.

Yuchen from China

It was a true pleasure looking for apartment in a completely new country with Harada-san. He speaks English very well, and understands what foreigners need. More important, he is very responsive and responsible, leading me to view apartments on the 2nd day of my arrival, and with all his efficient and patient help I managed to move in in three weeks and now everything is settled. Even after moving in, he helped with my issues of the new apartment very quickly and responsibly.

Emma from UK

Whilst I've lived in Japan before it was my first time moving to Tokyo and the first time I've had a husband and daughter to bring with me so finding the right apartment was very important. Kaz has been absolutely fantastic throughout the process, taking note of everything we were looking for, providing a range of different options that suited us and providing ongoing support with our questions as we've moved in. Thanks to him we've got a great apartment in an area that perfectly suits our needs.

We can't recommend him highly enough and we wouldn't hesitate to use Kaz and Hikari Homes when we next move

Kirill from Russia

It had been almost a month into my search, and Hikari Homes was the third real estate
company I contacted at that time. During the very first meeting with Harada-san we agreed to
go see several apartments, and I am now writing from one of them. I had some inquiries about
other places, and he was able to channel them really promptly so that we ended up applying for
the apartment of my choice in time. Harada-san was a great deal of highly professional help, and
I would definitely recommend Hikari Homes to anyone in need of a new place in Tokyo.