Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chase from USA

I 1st heard of Hikari Home from a friend and was recommended to them and that I should try them out. I emailed them to try and talk to a rep and thats when I 1st came into contact with Kaz-san. He asked me for a list of things I am looking for in a apartment and my ideal location in Tokyo. After that all I did was sit back and worry about getting my stuff together for the big move to Japan! We kept in contact from the time I emailed him to the time I was getting ready to move out to Tokyo and he sent me a few places that matched my long list. Once I got here he was the 1st person I met and even more friendly in person! Right away he tended to my temporary apartment knowing that I needed a place to stay until I got my apartment. He then showed me a few apartments and also showed me around the town which I thought was nice. Everytime we would jump on a train or even walking somewhere we always had really great converstaions!

To me Kaz-san was the 1st friend I made while in Japan!
He made everything so easy for me and helped me out a lot my first few weeks in Tokyo!
Kaz-san is such a hard worker in trying to meet all your needs and dedicated to helping you adjust and include you in the whole process of living in not only Tokyo, but Japan!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Guillermo from Argentina

I recently arrived in Tokyo and had a tough time finding my own place. That was until I run into Hiraki Homes. Everything became easy and enjoyable after that. The attention was impeccable and the options presented were all of good quality and aligned to my requirements and expectations. The fact that the entire staff is fluent in English even makes things easier! I found my apartment in one week time and I'm moving on Saturday. I really recommend Hiraki Homes for any expat or foreigner in Japan that's looking forward to finding an apartment or house with little stress

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Julia from Washington DC

After many months of online research and trying to find housing in Japan I was lucky enough to meet Kaz-san of Hikari homes. I had sent out inquiries to numerous other
housing companies and even craigslist but the advertisements were either inaccurate or not accustomed to working with a foreigner. Kaz-san went above and beyond to
explain all the details when it comes to renting a place in Japan and did so in the most patient and understanding way. He did this in spite of my “unique” requirement of trying to find a place that was 'traditional' Japanese and outside central Tokyo. Today I am living in a wonderful place and my experience in Japan is off to a great start thanks to the tremendous work and professionalism of Kaz-san. I highly recommend him. Thank you Kaz and Hikari homes! Best, Julia

Friday, July 2, 2010

Peggy from Hong Kong

There are no better words to describe the services hikari homes has provided me with than 'the most helpful, honest and efficient' service I have ever experienced from an estate agency.

Before I left for Tokyo from hk, I had contacted a few other agencies but Kato san was the first to respond wih the most thorough and detailed email, asking for details of my arrival and personal preferences. One can tell with the professional experiences he's earned, he wasted no time at all in trying to help me find a home away from home.

I sincerely thank Kato san for spending the time to show me apartments which met my needs, conversing with and helping me translate documents into English, helping me arrange for Internet installation, and advicing me with the services that I would need in order to get settled. Thank you for finding me a home at a lovely neighbourhood in the shortest amount of time possible! I look forward to your services again in the near future!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gary from Australia

Renting an apartment in Japan is very hard for foreigners. Or at east, that's what I thought. But Kato san really made it so much easier. Each week, he drove me around to a range of places that matched my long list of specific
requirements. I was quite fussy about what I wanted, but Kato san never applied
any pressure to accept something that wasn't exactly right for me. He was
very kind, very patient and very helpful.

Most importantly, I really felt I could trust him, so I felt much more relaxed
about renting an apartment in Japan. Kato san even managed to negotiate on
my behalf which would have been very difficult with another agency.

I can also say that it was quite good fun to drive around visiting apartments
with Kato san. His English is perfect, and we had many casual conversations
about life in Japan for local people and for foreigners. Quite truthfully,
it felt more like a friend was helping me out than a real estate agency.
If you're looking for a home in Tokyo, Kato san will really help you.