Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chase from USA

I 1st heard of Hikari Home from a friend and was recommended to them and that I should try them out. I emailed them to try and talk to a rep and thats when I 1st came into contact with Kaz-san. He asked me for a list of things I am looking for in a apartment and my ideal location in Tokyo. After that all I did was sit back and worry about getting my stuff together for the big move to Japan! We kept in contact from the time I emailed him to the time I was getting ready to move out to Tokyo and he sent me a few places that matched my long list. Once I got here he was the 1st person I met and even more friendly in person! Right away he tended to my temporary apartment knowing that I needed a place to stay until I got my apartment. He then showed me a few apartments and also showed me around the town which I thought was nice. Everytime we would jump on a train or even walking somewhere we always had really great converstaions!

To me Kaz-san was the 1st friend I made while in Japan!
He made everything so easy for me and helped me out a lot my first few weeks in Tokyo!
Kaz-san is such a hard worker in trying to meet all your needs and dedicated to helping you adjust and include you in the whole process of living in not only Tokyo, but Japan!


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