Saturday, March 28, 2020

Mimi from US

Harada-san was very helpful when looking for a new home. His English was amazing, and he always replied quickly to my emails. I cannot emphasize enough how polite and patient he was, so if you're looking for a realtor please do not have any doubts with him.

Menya from US

Kaz is fantastic! The two times I've worked with him I've been able to find my dream location in just a few weeks with no hassle and perfect communication in English.

If you're looking for a place in Tokyo, Kaz is your man.

Nazrene from UK

My office in Tokyo arranged for Kaz-san to assist me. I was very impressed with his immediate responses and understanding of my preferences and taste. On our second visiting appointment, I found a home which ticked all the boxes! The service was extremely professional and everything went smoothly without a hitch. Highly recommended.

Sophia from US

Kaz was absolutely amazing in helping me find my apartment. I don't speak any Japanese and he was able to navigate and help me through every step of the way. Would recommend Kaz to anyone looking for a new place!