Friday, May 27, 2011

Alex and Eve from Spain

Somos Alex y Eva,

Nosotros contactamos con Kaz desde España y teníamos poco tiempo para encontrar un piso en Tokyo.

Cada vez que escribíamos un correo con alguna duda, nos contestaba rapidamente, sin importar el dia de la semana.
En seguida capto el tipo de piso que nosotros necesitábamos.
Cuando llegamos a Tokyo, en un dia, conseguimos el piso que buscábamos. Una vez elegido, Kaz se encargo absolutamente de todo, el papeleo, dar de alta los suministros, hablar con el dueño del piso y a demás nos explico las normas de comunidad.
Es un gran profesional, con una larga experiencia, muy atento y cercano.

We are Alex and Eve

We contacted Kaz from Spain and had little time to find an apartment in Tokyo. Every time I wrote an email to him with some questions, he answered quickly no matter what day of the week it was. He caught the type of what we needed right away.The first day of our apartment hunt, we got the apartment we wanted. Once selected, Kaz took care of absolutely everything such as price negotiation, paperwork, utilities,etc. He also explained the rules of the new community. He is a pro with with great experience, and a very attentive and friendly attitude.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jonathan from USA

Hikari Homes is the perfect agency for your next home search. My agent, Kaz Harada, impressed me with his market knowledge and honesty.

Not only did Kaz reply to my inquiry immediately but he also took to time to really listen to what I wanted in my ideal home. After searching and consulting on suitable places he took the extra step of pre-screening each property before we set out. This saved a great deal of my time and made our day very well-organized. Within a short time we were out looking at many equally outstanding properties based on my budget and preferences. Within two weeks after meeting Kaz, I am unpacked and living in my ideal home!

I have dealt with many agents in Japan and Kaz Harada at Hikari Homes is the first that gave me exactly what I asked for. Thank you Kaz! You hit the nail on the head!