Friday, February 24, 2017

Aaron from Australia

We have used this service 3 times now and we keep on coming back for more. Kaz is on the ball and listen to your requirements and goes above and beyond in order to get the place you need at the right price. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ashton from US

 I was introduced to Hikari Home's Kaz through a colleague in my company, so I decided to contact immediately. He was very prompt with replies to my e-mails, and got detailed information as to what I was looking for. This was all before I even got to Japan. The day after my arrival, Kaz had already provided me with information on several units tailored to me, and was able to meet me in person at my desired neighborhood (quite a distance from his office too!) In person he was very friendly and conversational. His past experience in California made it really easy for me, an American, to relate to him and made the entire process feel very relaxed and easy. During the actual visits of the units, Kaz was willing to provide his personal opinion on the units which helped give me more objective outlook. I was able to make a decision that same day, and the rest of the process was carried out very quickly. Kaz was quick to interact with the property owners and sort out all the details. He was very flexible with dates and times, and made finding an apartment in Tokyo (a normally very frustrating experience for recently arrived foreigners) a very smooth and painless experience. Even after my move-in he has been of great help with finer details! I would highly recommend anyone looking for property in Tokyo to get in contact with Kaz.

Tess from Australia

Kaz was really fast at finding great places that matched everything I needed. He was really helpful in setting everything up, so I could easily move in without any problems and always responded quickly to messages. I'd highly recommend him as an agent!

Shashin from Singapore

Kaz is very professional and knows the residential real estate market in Central Tokyo quite well. He is very thorough with his due diligence and his recommendations were spot on. I will definitely use him again in the future, and I highly recommend him.