Friday, December 21, 2012

Darren from UK

"Kaz and the team at Hikiari Home were very helpful in finding a property suited exactly to my needs. From the minute I contacted them I felt in safe hands. I had seen a few different people when looking for my apartment however none were as friendly, trustworthy and quick as Hikari Home. Kaz helped narrow down a huge list of apartments that I short-listed, this was very helpful as renting for the first time you never know really what looks good and doesn't on paper. I really wanted to move in somewhere within a month and the quick turn around time at Hikari Home enabled me to view apartments literally the next day. It showed how much they were committed to helping you find the right apartment and within your schedule. When I did choose my apartment all the paperwork and Japanese translations were handled by Kaz which for a foreigner renting for the first time helped massively. They even helped with the setup of Electricity, Water and Internet! Thanks for all your help, great job. Highly recommended."

Monday, December 3, 2012

Matt from USA

"It is such a pleasure working with Kaz. He is fast and efficient, and he helps take care of all the nitty details so that you don't have to. The move was painless, and Kaz was patient and helpful every step of the way! Thank you Kaz!"

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Verena from Germany

When you are searching for an apartment in Japan there are so incredibly many things you need to know. It is a great help to have someone around who is not only a specialist when it comes to the important details, but who will also do his best to find a place that perfectly fits your wishes. And this is exactly what Kaz is like. After showing me a couple of apartments I still didn't feel like I had found the right place. At first I was a little bit worried that it might not be possible to find a bright room at a reasonable price in a city where the windows are small and in many cases you have the next house right in front of your own window, but Kaz found me the PERFECT apartment!! Apart from that, he helps you with all the paperwork and knows the answer to whatever question might come up. You did a wonderful job Kaz, thank you very much!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Paul from USA

"After moving to Tokyo for my work, I needed to quickly find a permanent place to stay without having to spend a lot of time in the process. Harada-san from Hikari Homes was of enormous help in finding an apartment for me and setting up all of the paperwork. Due to my work, I barely have any time to spare on anything else and without Harada-san's help, I probably wouldn't have been able to find a place this quickly. Many thanks to Harada-san and Hikari Homes for your great help and support, it's greatly appreciated!"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Liyang from UK

I was introduced to Kaz by a colleague who was also flat-hunting
around the same time, after been shown some number of unsatisfactory
apartments by various other (supposedly English-speaking) estate
agents who did not seem to understand my requirements. Although in the
end I found my new flat online by myself (in a different area than
where I had originally asked for), I only sent Kaz the URL while he
arranged everything from the viewing to the contract signing, as well
as setting up all the utilities, motorbike parking and negotiating a
discount for me. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Kaz's
services for a hassle-free moving experience.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Drew from USA

"Kaz worked very hard to find me the right place in the perfect location. It's a lot to deal with moving to a new country especially when you can't speak the language well. Kaz and everyone at Hikari homes took care of everything and made my transition to Japan very smooth. I would recommend Kaz to any one looking to find a new apartment in Japan"

Candice from Australia

Searching for an apartment in Tokyo can be overwhelming especially with the language barrier. Hikari Homes makes the process a whole lot easier! Kaz and Lyn worked tirelessly to help me find the perfect place, even taking time on their days off to assist! They helped solve any problems I encountered in a speedy manner. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a place!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Helen from UK

I've lived in Japan before but this was my first time looking for an apartment without my company doing all the arrangements for me.  Kaz made it all seem easy.  Right from the start he was responsive, honest and always answered all my questions promptly.  He listened carefully to my search criteria and on our first day of viewing showed us the perfect place.  I recommend him 100%.  His English is fluent and he's always on hand when you need him.  

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aki from Tokyo

Kaz is a good friend and a great agent when it comes to searching for an ideal home. Kaz has helped me twice in finding my ideal apartment and also helped my colleague and friends as well. I recommend Kaz, Hikari Homes to anyone who is looking for assistance searching for your next move. He will guide you through the process, will negotiate in behalf of you and will provide a superb service. Thanks Kaz!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Eric from Korea

Before I met Kaz, I had no idea where to start my move. 
I had no trouble speaking Japanese but other agencies kept showing me items that 
I just wasn't pleased with. After two weeks search, I was ready to give up until I had a quick chat with Kaz.
He showed me the house I wanted in 1/3 the time. From location to living conditions
I already recommended my friends to him. This is the guy you should talk to if your thinking about moving in Tokyo.
Wish you all the best Kaz.

Monday, October 15, 2012

DeAngelo from USA

Kaz is the hardest working man in Tokyo. He will help you find the perfect apartment that suits your needs. I needed a place that allows dogs and is located close to a major train station. He was able to find all that for me and more. The bilingual staff will assist you with any needs you have related to housing. As you will soon figure out, moving into a place in Tokyo is a very difficult process, but Hikari Homes made the process go smoothly.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aude & Valentin from France

In July 2012, I decided to change jobs and so my husband and I had to look
for a new apartment,
We had defined our needs but were worried we would not be able to find
anything corresponding to
it considering the housing market in Japan. Fortunately, we came across Kaz
who really took the time
to show us what he thought was appropriate. Within less then 4 weeks, we
had found the perfect place
in Shinjuku, with a good discount price on the rent. We would recommend Kaz
and Hikari Home to
anyone looking for an apartment in Tokyo,
Good luck to them in the future!

Aude & Valentin

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Valerie from USA

Kaz is, in a word, amazing. I'm going to sound like I'm gushing, but I can't sing Kaz's praises enough. I desperately wanted to move out of my guesthouse, but everyone warned me that finding an apartment in Tokyo would be time-consuming and difficult, so I put it off. Speaking to a co-worker about my quest to move into my own place, she highly recommended Kaz. She told me that just a year earlier, Kaz had found her a great apartment with everything she had asked for.

I went to visit Hikari Home two weeks ago, and I never expected that the process would be so quick. I've never seen such efficiency. That day, Kaz printed all the apartments I liked, then called the owners, and we went to visit my top choice. Everything was done in one day! In the ensuing week, Kaz kept me apprised of the developments with the apartment I liked, every step of the way. Exactly one week later, I was signing documents and receiving the key to my new place. I cannot emphasize enough how stress-free and pleasant Kaz made the whole experience. He is a treasure. (Thanks for all Kaz!)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Richard from UK

"I have used Hikari Homes for a number of recent property dealings and
can highly recommend them for their personal, professional and
friendly service."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Darshaun from America

"Kaz has been a great resource for finding unique opportunities in Tokyo. He understands some of the difficulties that non-Japanese have renting places and has been a great help. I highly recommend him."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vedran from Croatia

Before moving to Japan, I heard a lot of stories as to how difficult
it is for a foreigner to rent an apartment in Tokyo. I remember many
first hand stories from friends whom it took months to find a place to
live, only to end up overpaying or living in a less than desirable
area.  There is also the issue of dealing with paperwork (which is
sizable, to say the least) and it soon becomes pretty apparent why it
is so difficult for a non fluent speaker of Japanese to find a place
to live here.

I was lucky to have run into Hikari Home and one of their agents, Kaz.
He is very knowledgable, has a deep understanding of the real estate
market in Tokyo, understands local law and most importantly, speaks
fluent English, which is indispensable for any newcomer to Japan.

I had a pretty high set of criteria but Kaz patiently worked with me
until we found a perfect apartment for me. I've heard of these
processes taking a very long time but Kaz managed to do it very fast,
took care of everything with minimal involvement on my part and made
the whole process completely painless and convenient for me.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Hikari Home and their services!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Chris from Alaska

I was in a tough situation when I had to search for an apartment in Tokyo for the first time.  I had a lot of changes going on, under a lot of stress and had very little time.  I had actually consulted with other real estate agencies in Tokyo that specialized in helping foreigners find housing, but none of their service compared with that of Hikari Homes.  During my very first meeting with Kaz, I was able to find an apartment that suited my needs and when that deal fell through he was able to find me another apartment quickly.  Kaz is prompt, professional, and gives you all the information you need in what is a confusing process for foreigners.  I'm so pleased with the high level of service that I received that I definitely recommend Kaz at Hikari Homes for your real estate needs.  

Friday, September 7, 2012

Justin from Australia

I was dreading the prospect of searching for an apartment in Tokyo and resigned to the possibility it would drag on for days and potentially weeks. But within three hours of sitting down with Kaz at the Hikari Homes office I'd already seen half a dozen excellent options in the right price range across the neighbourhood of my preference, made an offer on one, and tentatively sealed the deal. I was stunned at how efficient and helpful Kaz was -- he explained everything thoroughly and was brutally honest about the advantages and shortcomings of every apartment he showed me. Throughout it all he was professional and polite, making the process so much easier than it would usually be. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the idea of getting set up in Tokyo, I would strongly recommend seeking out Kaz for help.

Nicolas from France

" Kaz has it all: fluent English speaker, funny, polite and most importantly very efficient in his job.
I am a demanding customer (I am aware of that!) and, as such, had a list of features that I wanted for my apartment here in Tokyo. For example, I wanted the apartment to be located in a lively/foreigner-friendly neighborhood, I wanted two separate rooms on the upper-floors of a good-quality building.
Kaz did some great research, we visited together an impressive number of apartments and I ended up choosing an apartment close to Roppongi Itchome and walking distance from Azabu-Juban that fits my requirements and ended up - after negociations - being in my price range.
Congrats! "

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Michael from USA

Renting an apartment as a foreigner in Japan can be a time consuming and frustrating process. With hikari home it was easier than I'd imagined and more importantly it was painless. The staff were hospitable and worked to make sure you understood what you needed to do and when. I worked with Sakanishi and she made the process as much fun as apartment hunting can be and much more than I expected. She helped me find the best apartment I could within my budget. Couldn't have had a better experience.

Brett from USA

Miho was a great help with finding my new place.
She was practically superhuman in providing me terrific leads, given the nearly impossible terms that Ihad set out for her originally.  I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to call on her again to assist in my real estate needs.  Thanks, Miho.  You're the best!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Steve from USA

Against all logic, it is actually getting more difficult to rent in Tokyo, not easier.  That is why you need somebody "on your side" who will give you very straight guidance to help you navigate the Tokyo rental market.  If you are a foreigner in Tokyo, you need this.  You need Kaz!  
With Kaz, I hit the trifecta: a nice place... with very reasonable rent... in Minato-ku.  And the icing was generously slathered on the cake because he even successfully negotiated the rent for me.  And he really guided me considerably in the hoop jumping application process.
I have already recommended Kaz to one of my friends - who found a great place as well - and will continue to do so.
If you need a place in Tokyo, you know who to talk to.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Samuli from Finland

I was looking for my first apartment as I was to become a college
student in Tokyo in the fall of 2012. I was prepared for a long
process but we managed to find a few suitable properties on the very
first meeting and I got to go and check them out the same evening.
Miho was an invaluable help during the whole process, my emails were
always answered very quickly and Miho took care of setting up the
utilities for me and carefully explained all the processes related to
renting an apartment in Japan. Overall I couldn't be happier about the
fast and good service I got at Hikari Apartments. Renting an apartment
in Tokyo can be a painful process for a gaijin moving to Japan but
Hikari homes and Miho made it so unbelievably smooth for me. I would
definitely recommend them to anyone looking to move into Tokyo for any

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Morgan from USA

I've had four apartments in Tokyo and my last two were found with the help of Kaz and Hikari Home. The experience was as almost painless and all the little details I didn't have time to worry about were taken care of for me by Kaz. Even after the move Kaz was sure to check up on me and even helped to solve a few small problems I had in my new place. If I had to move again I would definitely ask Kaz to help me out! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Aaron from USA:

"This is the 3rd time I've rented an apartment in Japan, and Kaz was the best agent I've dealt with.  Throughout the process he was always prompt with replies, very patient with answering questions, and indulged me when I wanted to pursue different options at the last minute.  I will recommend Hikari homes to others and when the time comes to find a new place, they'll be my first contact.  During one trip to see an apartment we came upon someone who was having medical difficulties of some kind.  While everyone busily walked by, Kaz stopped and asked if he could help, and contacted the station agent.  This clearly demonstrated his compassionate character."

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Alyssa from China

I started communicating with Kaz weeks before I moved to Tokyo. Despite the time difference and having to communicate via email, Kaz always replied promptly and was very attentive, flexible, and most of all helpful. As a new college graduate moving to Tokyo alone and looking for my first apartment, Kaz was understanding and patient and even filled the role of parent when necessary and provided me with a voice of reason as I flip flopped between apartments. Though usually a stressful process, Kaz definitely made this apartment hunting experience an easier and enjoyable one. I highly recommend working with Kaz and I plan to do so myself in the future. Arigatou Kaz San!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mike from Bermuda!!!!!!!!

  In my time here in Japan I have found that it has not always been easy to find good accommodations or an effective means of finding a location which could be satisfactory.
I was extremely lucky to have contacted Hikari Homes and even luckier still to have met with Tommy Yoshida.
From the get go Yoshida-san took charge of my case and made it her goal to place me in a location that matched my needs and desires to the letter.
The move I had planned was meant to be fast and efficient but true to Murphy's law nothing ever goes as planned. So when things were tough, Yoshida-san stepped up to the plate for me and really took care of all my problems professionally and expediently.
I am extremely pleased with all her efforts to help me find a great new location here in Tokyo and will be returning to Yoshida-san and Hikari Homes for my future needs.
Thank you Yoshida-san and Hikari Homes for all your efforts. You have won yourself another satisfied customer.

Mike Burrows

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Darshaun from America

"I was in a huge hurry to find a new place in the Roppongi area. Kaz changed his schedule and accommodated my requests and we found a new place in a week. He was a huge help and I would recommend him to anyone."

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Patrick from NY

I was extremely pleased with all the help and support I received from Miho-san throughout my search for an apartment.  She was very helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable, and was able to guide me through the process of renting an apartment in Japan.  I was also very grateful for all the help she was able to provide me after my lease was signed.  Renting in Japan can be a unique experience and without Miho-san’s help, I would have never been able to do it!  I very much look forward to working with her again in the future.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Faith from Singapore

"I was referred to Kaz by a friend who also used Hikari Homes previously and I'm certainly thankful for this introduction!  Renting an apartment in Tokyo can be daunting to foreigners even if you can speak Japanese. I was under a tight timeline to find an apartment but with clear understanding of my requirements, I was able to decide on a unit in my very first viewing! The whole process only took slightly over a week.

Thanks indeed for the speedy and reliable service.  Kaz is perfectly bilingual and I highly recommend him to anyone searching for an apartment in Japan."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

John from NY

Hikari Homes was a great help with my move across town. I was heading into apartment searching with unusually high standards for what I wanted and Miho was kind enough to bear with me throughout the whole process. Coordinating moving out to new apartments is a lot of work and I'm very thankful for all the effort she put in to make it as smooth as possible. I was impressed by the reliable service and I would recommend Hikari Homes and Miho to anyone I know who is looking for a great apartment.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Simon from UK

Kaz had a much better understanding of my preferences than any other estate agents that I tried. He was very patient and helpful while showing me around various places. I was able to find an apartment that was just right, and he  negotiated a month's free rent for me.  Thanks Kaz!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Martha from America

I love the efficiency of Hikari Homes!  I had very little time to find an apartment, and Kaz Harada made sure that we found one in a great neighborhood in my price range.  He quickly assessed my needs, found great candidates for us to view, and did not take any shortcuts in getting me the best deal.  I came away from the lease signing with a very clear understanding of my lease, the property, and how to live successfully in Tokyo.  Thank you, Kaz, for making the process so smooth and painless.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ashok from India

It just took me 2 meetings to find the apartment.
First meeting was in Hikari office to explain what I was looking for. I thought I was being too demanding but Tommy came back with some real good options, matching almost all my criteria. Second meeting we went to see the apartments and thanks to the careful selection of apartments by Tommy, I could confirm an apartment on the same day. Now its all set to move in there soon.
Thanks Tommy, would definitely recommend Hikari to my friends.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kenji from America

This was the second time I used Kaz as my agent. I had a very short time frame, but Kaz set up a number of great places for viewing and I found the perfect place in one day. Kaz worked hard to get the paperwork finished quickly and even negotiated down the rent. I highly recommend Kaz.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mark from Australia

This was the second time I have used Hikari Homes to find a rental apartment and both times I have been very happy with the professional service, range of apartments available and the extra assistance offered to explain the way the Japanese rental system works and ensuring the move goes smoothly.

After explaining what I was looking for, Kaz shortlisted a few apartments which all were exactly what I was after.
We visited 4 apartments before I found the perfect one for me. Kaz offered a professional and honest service and was very quick to respond to questions and emails and went the extra mile negotiating the rental price and assisting with the the moving arrangements.

I highly recommended Hikari Homes to any foreigner wanting to find an apartment in Tokyo and do not speak Japanese or unfamiliar with the way the Japanese rental market works.

Thanks Kaz!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Trevor from USA

When I first started looking for apartments I was at a complete loss(especially since I can't speak fluent Japanese). I didn't know where to begin or what to do, but then I stumbled across Hikari home. They made finding an apartment an absolute breeze, they found exactly what I was looking for right away. Miho especially dedicated a lot of time and effort to make sure that all my questions were answered. (I had a lot) I'm glad that this transaction went so smoothly. I'd definitely like to work with them again. Hopefully not too soon though, I like my new apartment.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mathias from France

When I arrived in Tokyo, I did not expect to find an apartment easily. I was a student staying only for six months who could hardly speak japanese. Moreover I wanted to live in a moden building, close to my school with a view on Shinjuku's skyscrapers! No need to say I was not an easy customer to satisfy. Nevertheless Miho at Hikari Home took the challenge. She understood perfectly what I was looking for and showed a real sense of devotion. Only 10 days after we first met I was moving in.

Monday, May 14, 2012

"Kaz from Hikari Homes was sugoi! I had to find an apartment for my wife and I before she arrived. Time was precious and Kaz spared no effort in helping me find the right apartment, answering emails even out of office hours and working round my busy schedule. I really felt I got the best service I could have wished for, he showed me areas of Tokyo I had no idea existed and gave me a real insight in to life in the big city. After all his efforts my wife is very happy with our apartment which means I owe Kaz a very very big thank you! I would definitely recommend Kaz and Hikari homes for their very personal and friendly service. It is daunting enough to move to a city you don't know and to have the opportunity to deal with Kaz & Hikari homes has made the move easy and one of enjoyment. He even helped me move in!

Arigato gozaimashita!"

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rob from USA

Kaz was extremely helpful and very professional throughout the entire process from looking at apartments to signing the lease and getting the keys. Because my wife and I want to get a dog, we had trouble finding apartments that allow tenants to own a pet. We also had some unpleasant experiences with real estate agents before learning of Hikari Home. On the other hand, Kaz truly listened to what we were looking for, only showed apartments within our price range, and helped us find the perfect place. Kaz is always pleasant to talk to, and his English is impeccable. He is definitely one of the best real estate agents I have ever worked with, and I would highly recommend him and Hikari Home if you are looking for a place in the Tokyo area.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Virginia and Nick from the USA

Kaz Harada a crew at Hikari Homes was a joy to work with. Apart from listening to us carefully and "getting" what we were after - we found a great apartment! - Kaz helped us navigate the hoops, difficulties, negotiations and contract details with great care. He made the somewhat arcane and difficult journey of getting an apartment in Tokyo a breeze. We'd love to work with Hikari again, but we may never move from this great find. Thanks!

Freddy from Indonesia

Finding a house in Japan is one of the biggest difficulties for foreigners in Japan. I am very lucky to have contacted Hikari home and met Tommy. She guided me on house searching, contract signing, and other setups like utilities, gas, and etc.
There is significant and genuine hard work that she put in for me for getting a house within 10 days.
I am very happy to live in my current place. Love the environment, rent within my budget, near the train station and supermarket--
These are the things that average simple person wants.
Thank you for your help Tommy. For sure I will refer you to my friends who are looking for an apartment to rent.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Philipp from Germany

After settling in to our new place I would like to quickly take the time to thank Tad our agent, for his strong efforts to find me and my wife a new home!

We both had been a bit nervous after our original plan fell through, and we only had one week left.

I would like to thank Tad for his professional attitude, strong support and his quick understanding of our preferences.

Ingrid and Tristan from France

We heard about Hikari on the Internet. Our agent TAD selected for us several apartments in our range of price and has been very responsive to our requests and concerns. He speaks English and help us a lot during the signature of the contract and translated and explained everything we wanted to know. We got the apartment we desired in only 10 days.
More than that, he offers us to be the permanent middle-man in case of future troubles or worries.
We definitely recommend TAD as a trustable and efficient agent in Tokyo.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Peter from England

My name is Peter and I have been living in Tokyo for a number of years. I recently decided to move and this was my first time to change apartments in Tokyo.

Hikari Apartments was recommended to me by a friend and I have been very impressed by the service I received from Tommy Yoshida. She listened carefully to all of my criteria and searched for suitable apartments in a very efficient and professional manner. I appreciated her flexibility and hard work, such as coming in early on her days off, to ensure that I had all the necessary information and documentation. All of the apartments I was shown were of a high standard and I was shown the perfect place within one day of searching! This was at a very reasonable price.

I would highly recommend Tommy to anyone looking for a new apartment and rank Hikari Apartments as a strong agency.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Annette from Italy

When I arrived in Tokyo, it was my first time to Japan and I had to find an apartment really fast (within 1 week). I fell on Hiraki Homes by chance when looking through online offers. Since they offered furnished apartments, it was very convenient for me as I had no idea where to find furniture in such a short time. Also, you don't have to worry about the disposal afterwards, so it's ideal for people that only plan to stay for a year or so.
I called Miho Sakanishi and she was very helpful and organised a visit the same day. It is not common to find someone who speaks so well English and can explain the differences in terms of housing in Japan. Everything went on very smoothly and I could sign the contract a couple of days later. Miho even took the time to translate all Japanese instructions to me when I moved in (for using the washing machine or air conditioning...)! I am very happy to have fallen on this agency and this apartment in particular as it saved me a lot of troubles. And everything worked out as she promised without any hidden surprises!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Caroline from UK

I'd like to thank Kaz and Hikari Homes for finding me a great new apartment in a perfect area for my new life and job. Kaz is knowledgeable, friendly, and understands the difficulties people face when coming to Japan for the first time. He speaks excellent English, and is happy to take the time to make sure that you understand everything that you are seeing and signing. I don't intend to be moving for a good long while, but if I was, I'd choose Hikari Homes.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Patrick from Germany

"I always rather like to handle things myself. But when you are looking for a decent apartment in Tokyo, especially when you are a foreigner, you sooner or later (mostly sooner) get to the point where you will need some help from an expert. Miho and Kaz of Hikari Home offered great help and expertise. First and foremost, both of them are remarkably friendly. They always respond to your questions via mail or phone very quickly and they work very transparently.  Also, I always know what I am not looking for, but rarely can I specify what I am looking for... Responding to that with patience while continuing to act in the best interest of the client is very good service, I think. With Miho and Kaz, that`s what you get. They hear your expectations, they guide you through myriads of offers, they tell you what might be good and what not, they drive with you through town to several locations - and if it`s not what you are looking for, no one tries to persuade you, come hell or high water.  Definitely a good address!  Thank you both very much helping me find a nice apartment, for your time, your effort and for your support."  

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mike from the United States.

Hi, I'm Mike Ramsey from the United States. When searching online for an apartment in Shibuya, I came across the Hikari Apartments. They looked like a small trustworthy company so I went to their small office one day. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism and courtesy I recieved especially as a foreigner. They helped me so much to get exactly the apartment I wanted in Shibuya. It was so easy. They could find all the available apartments in Shibuya that fit the criteria I wanted and were within my price range extremely quickly and within days I was walking around shibuya learning about local hot spots, the culture of Shibuya, and fun activities to participate in while I'm there. As a single American living in Tokyo, I am going to have a great time living in Shibuya thanks to Hikari Apartments! Thank you so much!

Mamiko moved from USA

Hikari Home is the best realtor ever! Hikari Home responds well to your needs and provides an efficient service in a minimal turnaround time. If you are new to Japan and are looking for a place to live in Tokyo metropolitan area, I highly recommend that you get in touch with Hikari Home. After living in the US for fifteen years, I was intimidated by the thought of apartment hunting from scratch in a metropolis like Tokyo, but Kaz made sure that I found just the place I was looking for in the right neighborhood and in the right price range. Kaz has a vast experience with the real estate market in Tokyo and makes you feel at ease and your apartment hunting experience stress-free (he even set up all my utilities!) He is a very fluent English speaker - so nothing will get lost in translation. Overall, I am very pleased with their service and of course, with my new home!  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Brian and Ava from Singapore and Philippine

House hunting in Tokyo is no easy task. Language barrier aside, Tokyo's attitudes towards foreigners looking for a place to live, spans a complex spectrum from benign curiosity on one end to downright hostility on the other. Having already spent almost two years in Tokyo, we felt we were already in a solid position to find a place for ourselves. But somewhere between puzzling the mysteries of key money and deciphering the jargon of LDK, we realised we were in too deep, lost, confused and overwhelmed.

At this point, Kaz and Hikari homes stepped in with their friendly and professional services to rescue us and shine a guiding light. Trustworthy, straightforward, and always with our best interests at heart, Kaz helped us navigate the convoluted Tokyo housing scene, patiently taking us from one house to another until we found the perfect one. Armed only with a vague description of what we were looking for and a rough outline of our budget, Kaz was able to line up one showing after another of increasingly impressive houses and apartments until finally, we discovered our new wonderful "Sweet My Home".

Once we made our choice, Kaz spared no effort and expense in securing our application, working tirelessly and acting as the go-between ourselves and the landlord, negotiating a reasonable price and answering any questions and readdressing any concerns we had, quickly, efficiently and most importantly, with reassuringly professional proficiency.

Beyond his multi-linguistic abilities and tireless professionalism, Kaz possesses a truly sincere desire to do right by his clients that permeates through every aspect of his work and thanks to him, we were finally able to find the perfect apartment to suit our particular needs. Thank you Kaz and thank you Hikari Homes. We couldn't have done it without you.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Taka from Tokyo

Starting off our house-hunting online two months prior to consulting Hikari Homes,
we thought we knew what to expect with our budget. What's amazing about Tad-san,
our consultant, is that in just two weeks he found us a room that exceeded our expectation.
He was very kind throughout the entire process and gave us advice on minor queries even after the move.

We highly recommend him and Hikari Homes if anyone's having trouble finding a place to live in Tokyo.

Steve from U.S.A

Looking for an apartment was not easy in Tokyo.
Especially, readingJapanese documents and contracts always give me the headache.
After weeks of apartment hunting, I found Hikarihome. Tad from Hikarihome was great and very helpful. He followed through everything andexplained everything to me from the beginning to the end. I have tosay he is the man for this job!

I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for an apartment to go to Hikarihome. Tad is a great person to work with and they have agreat team that can help you to find a room without the headache.
Thank you Tad!Thank you!

Steve Lai

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Andrew from Canada

Miho worked very hard to find me a great place within my budget despite my requirements being very difficult. The result of her efforts show in the quality of my new apartment and the convenience of its location to everything important for my life to go smoothly here in Tokyo. Every property that Miho showed me was of a high quality and when I was having difficulty deciding which was best for me, she didn't mind discussing with me until we figured it out. I was extremely pleased at the lengths Miho went to make sure I was completely satisfied with my decision. She was extremely compassionate and understanding of my circumstances and did everything she could to work within the boundaries of the requirements I had given her. Thanks, Miho!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Youssef from France

When I decided to have a new apartment in Tokyo, many people told me that it's very difficult about many points : the language barrier, the process, the high cost about the rent, key money and deposit.

After contacting Kaz, everything was very easy. He explained very well the process, and the most important thing : understand your needs.
Very fastly we sorted the apartments and found the good one in couple of hours after visiting them.

I didn't expect to find a brand new apartment, very well located with this timing.

So that's why if you want to find a new home in Tokyo I really recommend Kaz and Hikari Home team for their professionalism.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Antonis from Greece

I was looking for an apartment for quite a long time and although I was a very difficult customer to please Miho-san showed great patience with me.

She was very polite and she was always trying to do the best for me. Her persistence was remarkable.

I strongly recommend her (& Hikari homes in general) to you if you are new in Tokyo and looking for a new home.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Noel from Germany

"When I arrived at Hikari Homes Miho-san sat down with me and took enough time to help me to find out what my new apartment should be like.
She was really responsive to my ideas. At the end of two long days she found the perfect apartment for me.
She gave me great support especially when I was in trouble. Even now - after moving in - she is very friendly and helpful.
I strongly recommend her to you if you are new in Tokyo and looking for a new home. Thank you Miho-san!"

Elisa from Spain

“I got referred to Kaz and I was very satisfied by his customer service. He replies to e-mails and questions in matter of hours and helped me a lot with settling in Japan. I would highly recommend him to foreigners who cannot speak Japanese and still want a high customer service in English. He also explained my questions in very detail, so I was very happy about his honesty”.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Speta family from U.S.A.

Upon my decision to move to Japan Miho-san was there to help us along our way. From deciding the right neighborhood to the final touches on the apartment she held our hand every step of the way. This is extremely useful since my family and I barely speaks Japanese. Not only did she get us set up for the apartment she went above and beyond helping set up our utilities and even making a late night house call to explain the fine tunings of a few of the appliances that we found confusing. She has been a much needed key stone in our bridge to success of moving in to Tokyo and I would recommend Miho and Hikari Homes Inc. to anyone that is planning on moving in to this wonderful city.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Patricia from Canada

I had been looking for an apartment for a long time, but most of real estate agents were not very helpful. Finally I found Kaz-san. He was patient, helpful, and really listened to what I was looking for. He understands how westerners think about apartment hunting. I recommend Kaz-san to all my friends and to you, too.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lidia from Australia

A big thank you to Hikari homes and Kaz!

I have never been to Tokyo before and knew about three words in Japanese, forget about reading it - its safe to say I was completely lost. When I arranged to meet with Kaz he was so organized and accommodating. We looked at apartments straight away.

Any question I had, Kaz knew the answer and if he didnt he would work around the clock until he found out for me.

Kaz is truly dedicated, whenever I contacted him (any time day or night) I would always get a prompt reply, including into the late hours of the night.

I recommend Kaz to anyone that is looking for an friendly, hard-working and efficient agent.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kenji from USA

"I arrived in Tokyo just a few days before work began, and I had very little time to find a place. Kaz did a great job expediting the process so that I could move in quickly, and was very accommodating to my busy work schedule. He has a strong relationship with the managing company of a premier apartment chain in Tokyo, and was able to secure a spot for me in one of their brand new buildings. I would highly recommend Kaz to anyone looking for a realtor in Tokyo."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bryan from America

I have lived in Tokyo for about five years and have always avoided real-estate companies. This time around my roommate was leaving and I was forced to move during a particularly busy period at work. It turned out to be an excellent choice as Kaz found a range of great apartments for me to look at and miraculously found an apartment for rent two minutes walk from a few friends of mine. He was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend Hikarihomes, and Kaz specifically, to anyone house hunting in Tokyo.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cyndi from Los Angeles, California

If you're looking for a "Home" and not just a place to live, Kaz is your man. I had very specific wants and needs for the apartment I was looking for. I also needed to work within my budget. Kaz was able to take all of my factors into consideration (location, floor plan, room size, budget, etc.) and find me viable options. He was extremely patient with me as I waited for the right apartment to meet all of my criteria. In the end, I found a new home and made a new friend ;) Thanks, Kaz.

Micah and Brenna from USA

My wife and I were looking to get a bigger place of our own instead of a  monthly rental or guest house. Kaz and Manabu (another Hikari Home  agent) put in an exceptional amount of effort making sure we got our  house as quickly as possible. They also made sure to keep in mind what  we got was to our tastes as well. Kaz responds quickly and has even been  willing to help after everything was finished as well.