Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sophia from Canada

I first contacted Kaz through email before I arrived in Japan. After doing some of my own research on finding apartments in Tokyo, I sent him a list of what I am looking for in an apartment. The person who introduced me to Kaz told me that he does have a great sense in choosing apartments considering the need of his client, so I did trust her recommendation and waited for our meeting.
Kaz helped me to find an apartment on a very good deal, matching almost all the criteria I wanted. I am really enjoying living in this apartment that I found through the help of Kaz. I can recommend to you, as my friend has recommended to me, that he would help you find the apartment that meets your prior needs in a best possible deal. Throughout my apartment hunting adventure, I really appreciate Kaz's sincere assistance on the apartment searching. He is both reliable and professional in handling his work. Thank you Kaz, and thanks to Hikari homes!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guillaume from France

"Nous sommes arrivés au Japon il y a 3 ans et nous avons déjà eu deux occasions de faire appel à Kaz. En 2010, nous avons pu visiter de nombreux appartements avec lui jusqu'a ce que nous trouvions le bon. Kaz nous a ensuite accompagnés dans les démarches administratives pour que nous puissions le louer même si nous étions étrangers et sans garants. c'est pour cela que nous n'avons pas hésité à faire de nouveau appel à lui en 2013 quand nous nous sommes mis à chercher un appartement plus grand."

Dee and Trace from Australia

"We would highly recommend Hitomi from Hikari Homes. We had been at the same address for 12+ years so once we decided to move we had some rather detailed requirements, including a very specific budget & tight deadline (within 3 weeks). Once Hitomi understood what we were looking for she was very patient in helping us secure our dream apartment, which we had discovered some time ago. She was instrumental in negotiating and meeting most of our criteria and for that we are so thankful. All the details & paperwork were handled seamlessly and she went above and beyond to make sure all the moving-in utilities were set-up immediately and our new life started as soon as we received the keys. We would have no hesitation in endorsing her wonderful support & service and would definitely contact Hikari Homes again for any future moves."

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kevin from America

Things sometimes happen for a reason. After having my application rejected for the first property I was interested in, I felt discouraged. But Hitomi-san worked even harder to help me find another place, and ended up finding me a much better property, for a better price, in the exact location where I wanted to live. Thank you Hitomi and Kaz for helping me to find a place that I can truly call home!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Al from Canada

We had been looking for a place for a while and from what I experienced, some real estate agents and landlords aren't so accepting of foreigners.
It can be really frustrating sometimes and Kaz really understands this.
He understood what we were looking for and catered to our needs.
Kaz, thank you so much for your understanding and I hope we can hang out sometime.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Oliver from Germany

Finally, sitting on your own sofa in your personal 50qm of Tokyo feels very good. However, on the long and winiding road there, you can easily get lost. We're glad that in Hitomi we had a professional and friendly guide on that journey. She was always dedicated towards the destination but patient enough to follow us on detours. And once we found the apartment it was easy to settle in, because Hitomi negotiated a discount, finished all the paperwork and took care about a lot of things even after we moved in. Thank you Hitomi! We would highly recommend you and Hikari Homes to everyone looking for an apartment in Tokyo

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Anu and Herman from South Africa.

Hitomi san was incredibly kind and helpful throughout the process of finding our apartment to signing documents, as well as negotiating on our behalf. She did a superb job and remained professional yet friendly. We would recommend her to any one looking for a great place to stay in Tokyo!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A.J. from America

I thought that finding a place to live in Tokyo would be a simple thing, but all my friends and coworkers told me how difficult it is for foreigners. Well, because of Hitomi and Hikari apartment, I found a place that's great, and she really tailored the search to my wants. In the end, I'm really glad Hitomi is my agent, and she took care of all the small details and explained everything thoroughly. And when something small went wrong, as they often do, she went beyond her call of duty to make it right. Very highly recommended that you work with this professional.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nick from UK

Finding an apartment in Tokyo can certainly be a hassle, especially for a non-Japanese resident. Kaz Harada and the team at Hikari took a lot of the stress out of the experience. From the first comprehensive list of questions outlining my search parameters, to the visiting of properties, to the final signing of paperwork, everything was done in a smooth manner and afforded me the luxury of knowing that my house hunting was in safe hands. Kaz will definitely be the first person I call next time I'm in the market for a property, and I have no hesitation recommending him to my friends

Monday, September 2, 2013

Misha from America

"With only a few weeks to find a place to live, working with Hikari homes has been a quick and painless process that I would recommend to anyone. In particular, Hitomi was extremely supportive all the way through and made sure I was getting the fairest deal. Five stars."