Monday, August 29, 2011

Johan from Sweden and Leiah from USA

"After a few disappointing experiences with several real estate agents in Tokyo, my girlfriend and I found Kuramochi-san at Hikari Homes. Patient and professional, Kuramochi-san went beyond what is expected. Even with our many requests, he was able to met each one and always with a smile. Once we found our dream apartment, we ran into some difficulty with management company; however, Kuramochi-san and the nice people at Hikari home handled the situation professionally and we were able to get the apartment we wanted. Impressive service and a company we could recommend in a heart beat".

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vedrana from Croatia

When I arrived to Tokyo I needed to find an appropriate apartment as soon as possible. It seemed like mission impossible! Thanks to Mr.Harada`s effort, assistance and care I was successful in finding a perfect place to stay for next couple of years. I recommend him and his agency as one of the best English-speaking, most friendly and helpful home finders in Tokyo!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Guillermo and Nerea from SPAIN

Aunque llevamos algun tiempo en Japon, no nos sentiamos capaces de llevar la busqueda de piso solos y sin asesoramiento. Seguimos el consejo de Pablo y contactamos a Kaz. Pese a nuestros gustos cambiantes y a veces contradictorios, en solo dos dias de visita dimos con el piso que buscabamos, ademas en una zona que nos encanta. Los tramites han sido muy rapidos y Kaz ha estado pendiente de todos los detalles.
Gracias a Pablo por recomendarnos HIKARI y muchas gracias a Kaz por su eficacia y simpatia durante la busqueda.

Though it’s been a while since we arrived in Japan, we didn’t trust our skills to find a new apartment on our own. So we took Pablo’s advice and contacted Kaz. We are not easy to be pleased, but in two days Kaz found THE apartment. Plus we’ve always liked the neighborhood!! The paperwork was easy and Kaz really took care of us all the way. Just thanks to Pablo and of course, thank you so much to Kaz, for his kindness and professionalism.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Colin from UK

'I spent many hours and saw more than a dozen appartments in Tokyo with no hint of success before finding Hikari Homes online and going to meet Kaz. From the start he was very proffessional. We went through my requirements slowly and in enough detail to draw up a shortlist. All my information was input into their computer and a list of potential appartments appeared. We went through the list to pick out the top 4-5 options and then headed out to view. After so many fruitless journeys viewing flats I wasn't overly confident but 3-4 hours later we'd been round 4 appartments and I'd found the place I wanted to move into! From there the process was very smooth and Kaz took care of all the details and before I knew it I had moved in. Without Kazs help and expertise I might never have managed it...'

Colin from China

"When I came to Japan 4 years ago, TAKA-san helped me finding the first apartment room. Since that we keep in touch for the past 4 years during when he is still always helpful for any of my request or question. This time again I asked help from TAKA-san to find the new place, he executed searching the candidates very well following my criteria, moreover gave his advice on some of the important points. The final contract was made very quickly by his effort in following up with the owner and hit the date I want. For my movement this time, I only contacted TAKA-san as I trust him and I'd like to say 'thank you very much' to him !"

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Andres from Argentina

"For foreigners, searching a new apartment in Japan is always a headache and can be annoying sometimes, even when you speak good japanese. And from what i've heard from my japanese friends, even for japanese people is troublesome.
After eight years in Japan i knew that and when i decided to move to a new place i thought it was going to be lot of trouble again, but the guys at hikari homes did a very good job helping me to find a place i liked. Im not an easy customer as im very picky, but still they had the patience for listening to all my requests, and finally when we found the right place they took care of all the paperwork and negotiation necessary to get the best deal. And even after moving in, they make sure of assist you in all you need, even talking with utilities companies so you dont have to deal with all the phone calls and stuff, that was a great help for me. And no, they dont try to charge you more for those extra services.
Also they make you feel very comfortable talking with them, not like most of agents where you walk in and they look and talk to you as you were from Mars. And no, they dont ask you where did you park your spacecraft.
I definitely would recommend Hikari Homes to anyone who wants to find an apartment in Japan thru a comfortable and smooth process. Thank you a lot Manabu!"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aki from Tokyo

I had the pleasure of working with Kaz to find my new apartment. Kaz is very friendly, has great communication abilities both in Japanese/ English, prompt with his responses, helpful and will go that extra mile to meet your expectation. Although I am Japanese compared to most foreign users of Hikari Homes/ Kaz, I would recommend Kaz to anyone that is struggling to find the apartment of your dreams. Kaz will make this happen.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Keisuke From Tokyo

Tad has done a gread job for me!
I've visited about five different agents before meeting Tad,
but I was never able to run into anything that moved my heart.

And when I went to Hikarihome, Tad was there to help me out.
Tad has listened to me very carefully to come up with an apartment
that moved my hear and I was able to find a place on a day that I visited

Romen from UK

It was a pleasure to work with Kaz again and he did was every bit as helpful as the first time that I used Hikari Homes. In a short place of time he was able to identify and negotiate on a number of apartments which met my needs. I will definitely use him again and recommend to any Japanese or no-Japanese speaker.

Joan from Manila

I had been to three different companies and none of them had given a hassle free and great assistance like that of Manabu from Hikari Homes. Manabu is not only fluent in English, he is also very approachable and accommodating. He takes everything in consideration, he listens and responds promptly, he is always available for questions and always ready for assistance even in details that other companies would not bother to help their clients such as in arranging connection with my gas, water and utilities. I truly appreciate that he made sure hot water should be running when we moved in so my baby would not get sick, thus he tried everything to make my utilities ready for a comfortable start.

Manabu makes his clients feel comfortable and relax, far from other 'cold' and 'gaijin' feel that I had in other companies. He is very friendly and very professional. Imagine coming to work to show me the property while having his first child on that day. That's how professional he is! Most importantly, he explained everything in the contract, translating them to English to make sure I understand all the vital points. And even after I had moved in, he was still helping me with some details like setting up the digital TV! I also had some advice from him where to find furniture and home items, what more can I ask for!

Indeed, he is a great help in finding us a place that is within my budget, close to work, convenient and most importantly, pleasant neighborhood. Manabu has by far given me the best, smoothest, hassle free, and stress free service in my six years in Japan. I strongly recommend Manabu to my friends and colleagues, and to other expatriates in Tokyo who want quality service in finding their best home. You'll never go wrong because you are in good hands with Manabu! Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say he is heaven-sent to expats like me who needs to find the best place in the city. Thanks so much, Manabu-san!