Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Andres from Argentina

"For foreigners, searching a new apartment in Japan is always a headache and can be annoying sometimes, even when you speak good japanese. And from what i've heard from my japanese friends, even for japanese people is troublesome.
After eight years in Japan i knew that and when i decided to move to a new place i thought it was going to be lot of trouble again, but the guys at hikari homes did a very good job helping me to find a place i liked. Im not an easy customer as im very picky, but still they had the patience for listening to all my requests, and finally when we found the right place they took care of all the paperwork and negotiation necessary to get the best deal. And even after moving in, they make sure of assist you in all you need, even talking with utilities companies so you dont have to deal with all the phone calls and stuff, that was a great help for me. And no, they dont try to charge you more for those extra services.
Also they make you feel very comfortable talking with them, not like most of agents where you walk in and they look and talk to you as you were from Mars. And no, they dont ask you where did you park your spacecraft.
I definitely would recommend Hikari Homes to anyone who wants to find an apartment in Japan thru a comfortable and smooth process. Thank you a lot Manabu!"

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