Monday, August 1, 2011

Joan from Manila

I had been to three different companies and none of them had given a hassle free and great assistance like that of Manabu from Hikari Homes. Manabu is not only fluent in English, he is also very approachable and accommodating. He takes everything in consideration, he listens and responds promptly, he is always available for questions and always ready for assistance even in details that other companies would not bother to help their clients such as in arranging connection with my gas, water and utilities. I truly appreciate that he made sure hot water should be running when we moved in so my baby would not get sick, thus he tried everything to make my utilities ready for a comfortable start.

Manabu makes his clients feel comfortable and relax, far from other 'cold' and 'gaijin' feel that I had in other companies. He is very friendly and very professional. Imagine coming to work to show me the property while having his first child on that day. That's how professional he is! Most importantly, he explained everything in the contract, translating them to English to make sure I understand all the vital points. And even after I had moved in, he was still helping me with some details like setting up the digital TV! I also had some advice from him where to find furniture and home items, what more can I ask for!

Indeed, he is a great help in finding us a place that is within my budget, close to work, convenient and most importantly, pleasant neighborhood. Manabu has by far given me the best, smoothest, hassle free, and stress free service in my six years in Japan. I strongly recommend Manabu to my friends and colleagues, and to other expatriates in Tokyo who want quality service in finding their best home. You'll never go wrong because you are in good hands with Manabu! Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say he is heaven-sent to expats like me who needs to find the best place in the city. Thanks so much, Manabu-san!

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