Monday, June 20, 2022

Shawn from US

 First of all, he is used to working with non-Japanese people, he understands the cultural differences and expectations surrounding housing. Fluent English speaker and native Japanese, his ability to act as a bridge is great. He calls in advance to make sure no ones time is wasted.

Additionally, he is a very active listener, taking the time to listen to you and what you want.
Quickly we went through a list of places that were all in my target zone, identified a few that were a match, and quickly found a place that I fell in love with.
Because he listened to me, he did in 3 days, what other agents hadn’t done for me in 2 years.

I just moved in and it’s great. (He also didn’t disappear once the deal was done.)

When I move again in 2-3 years, I will call him. (I will also be recommending him to others)

If you’re moving call Kaz, “be-Kaz” he is the best. (Sorry for the dad joke).

Benoit from Togo

 My apartment hunt experience with Kaz-san was easy, smooth, and enjoyable. In roughly three weeks after my first contact with Kaz-san, I moved into my new place. Kaz-san was very professional throughout the whole process. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Kaz-san.

Kiki from US

 Great service and Kaz found us the perfect place!

Michael from France

 Kaz found the perfect apartment regarding our criteria (size, style, district and budget). He supported us for all the administrative process including the first contact with water and gaz / electricity companies. A very good real estate agent that I would recommand for foreigners looking for accomodation in Tokyo area

Bill from US

 Kaz was a great realtor, friendly, fluent in English, very knowledgable of the market, honest and overall a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend.

Sally from UK

 The first apartment Kaz showed me was perfect, he handled everything so easily and made the process so stressless!

Parth from India

 Found my perfect home. Kaz from Hikari Homes speaks perfect English and is able to dissect volumes and volumes of data to find out the house you want with your constraints.

Matt from US

 Kaz is by far the best real estate agent I have ever worked with in Tokyo. His attention to detail during the process is comforting and he makes sure your needs are understood. We just used Kaz to help find us a more suitable place in Tokyo and it was a great experience. highly recommended!!

Özgün from Turky

 Recommended to all foreigners looking for a place to stay in Tokyo. Kaz is very professional and responsive.

Jude from Korea

 Kaz-san's service and support are excellent and efficient. With short notice and many obstacles due to the COVID situation, he provided outstanding service for me to settle in Tokyo on time. Strongly recommend!

Kevin from Netherlands

 Kaz-san was very patient and helpful in finding an apartment in Tokyo, with very prompt replies, great recommendations and perfect english in the short time frame I had to find an apartment. Definitely recommended!