Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Robert from the United States

Whenever you have to move, particularly on short notice, regrets
seemed destined to mount.  There are inevitably delays, problems, and
fees you didn't quite catch or understand amidst the stress of
upending the routine of at least the last few years.  And, if your new
home is in a foreign country, the energy and possibility you take from
the airport seems the inevitable tax of getting a good nights rest
outside of a hotel.

Absolutely nothing like that happened here.  This was the single best
and least stressful experience I've ever had moving to a new home, and
I'm counting experiences moving from one apartment to another in the
same city of my home country.  Where (I think) most people need to
spend weeks moving from hotel to hotel, thanks to Hitomi-san, I had
the keys for my apartment within a few days of touching down at
Narita, the fees I was originally quoted were negotiated down without
my having to do anything, and my visits to Hikari Home in Azabu-juban
were always pleasant.  I should mention that there is also a Freshness
Burger across the street from this location.  Can't beat that.

Thanks Hitomi-san, and thank you Hikari homes for making this the
least stressful part of coming to Tokyo.

Evi from Russia

"When I've decide to move to live in Japan the most important thing was "where to live". And while searching a lot websites I've found a Hikari Home and that's how my luck found me. My guide for the hard real estate in Japan was Hitomi Nakamura San, and she was brilliant! Just can't imagine that even with my high demands, there is possibility to find an apartment! But she made a miracle! Now I'm living in my beautiful apartment in heart of Tokyo. Thank you very much Hitomi! "

David from England

"Hikari Home was extremely helpful in finding me a new apartment within a tight deadline. Hitomi was very receptive to my needs and helping me understand the complexities of renting in Japan. She showed me some really nice apartments within my budget and in the end we found a great place. I was really impressed by the speed and efficiency of everything and I can't wait to move in :)"

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bryce from France

Great service, great communication, and fast. The best solution for foreigners living in Japan. Mister Harada only has solutions.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Maria from Brasil

I moved to Tokyo for work without ever having been to Japan, and had no idea what to expect as far as apartments. My company put me in touch with Hikari Homes and Kaz-san immediately got to work to find me a perfect place. Although I kept finessing my criteria the more I learned about Tokyo apartments, Kaz-san was always cheerful, optimistic, patient and worked so diligently to find a place I would be satisfied with! Even during the busiest time of year, Kaz-san was able to negotiate a great price in an amazing location, I couldn’t have asked for a better agent. And on top of everything, he also set up all of my utilities, cable and dealt with all of the paperwork extremely quickly. 

I would highly recommend Kaz-san to anyone, but especially for people who are new to Tokyo and don’t speak Japanese.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Hitomi from Tokyo




Saturday, April 19, 2014

Yasuyuki from Kansai

I was bit nervous when I got a job in Tokyo because I had to find a place to live as soon as possible.
I am not foreigner but for people from Kansai area Japan like me, Tokyo is almost like foreign place.
Luckily, my career consultant recommended Kaz-san and Hikari home for me and I contacted instantly.
As many customers writing here, hunting apartment in Tokyo with Kaz-san is really efficient.
He carefully listens to my voice and get the job done quickly and I successfully find a nice place in a very short time.
I recommend Kaz-san and Hikari home for all the people who is new to Tokyo.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Zack from France

Looking for an apartment for weeks already, my friend introduced Kaz-san who found out the perfect place in only one visit!
He was able to manage a great place accepting pets and made everything so simple.

Also, Kaz-san will explain you everything you need to know and provides a great support all along the process !
Application went so smooth and result came back positive in only 24 hours! On the contract signature day, Kaz-san explained all details very carefully and made sure everything was clear.

 I really feel very grateful for his great work and I will definitely suggest him to my friends looking for an apartment in Japan!

Merci beaucoup Kaz-san!

Ila san from Malaysia

Thank you for helping us find our house. My family and I appreciated all the help you had gave us. All the hard work you did in finding the one house that fits our needs and budget. We are very satisfied with your service and we hope that you will have a very success life in your career ahead. 

Ross from USA

Hitomi spent a lot of time with me to really understand and find the right apartment for me. Though my criteria was difficult to match, she never gave up on finding the right place.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Menya from U.S

"I wasted three months looking for an apartment with different agencies until I my friend referred me to Hikari Home. Thanks to the help of Kaz and Hitomi, in two weeks I had found and applied for the perfect apartment. Then two weeks later I moved in. The staff is superb and the service is speedy. Thank you, Hikari Home!"

Zyad from Syria

Thank you to HikariHomes and to Kaz San who was accommodating to my urgent request as I applied last minute at the busiest period of the year and we were able to complete the whole procedure from search to move-in in just 10 days. Kaz san was helpful in every step of the process and was pleasant to work with! I Will definitely be in touch next time i decide to move!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rathana from Australia

Hitomi is both professional and courteous. We found a property that I was happy with within a week and was very accommodating with regarding my specific needs and circumstances as a foreign national working in Japan.

I would not hesitate in recommending Hitomi. I will be sure to look her up when the time comes to move again.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sofia from Mexico

If you're looking for an apartment in Tokyo, I highly recommend Hikarihome and in particular, Miss Hitomi, who was very helpful, communicative, thorough and efficient. She was able to find me an apartment to suit my needs very promptly, in a great part of Tokyo and for a very reasonable price.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Turky from Saudi Arabia

"After i got accepted into a japanese university i had to move out of my old apartment and look for a better apartment suitable for my new life at the university.. That's when i looked online and found Hikari Home and met Mr.Kaz there.. I was reallly worried if i would be able to find an apartment to my liking specially that i wanted a big one yet the money i receive from my scholarship wasn't that much and i was wiling to lower my demands to find something to my liking.. After meeting Mr.Kaz and explaining what i wanted in an apartment and where i wanted he showed my lots of places and i chose three of them to check out the next day.. Surprisingly that only took about 30 to 50 minutes.. I want to the apartment the next day with Mr.Kaz and he showed them to my and explained some stuff to my that a regular costumer won't notice usually... I really liked one of the them and it was perfect for my taste.. After that we went to the company responsible for that apartment and he explained to me all the rules and terms of the contract and some of the japanese that might appear to some is weird and helped my throughout the whole time till i moved to my new place.. I think hikari home is a great place if you want to find a new place to live in.."


Thank You to hikarihomes, specially to Hitomi Nakamura who helped me and my friend to find her a home in japan, facilitating all the complicated papers and documentation. The place she found was perfect and addresses all the specifications needed. Thank you very much. Best regards.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kelley from USA

Kaz was really great in helping me find my new apartment and it was no easy task as I was moving in the most popular moving month in Japan (March). He was always going above and beyond for me and was very quick and diligent on answering me on the phone or email right away, even on his day off! He not only helped me find my apartment but has been helping me with the moving in process and all things that go with it. I really enjoyed working with Kaz and I would recommend him in a second to anyone looking to find an apartment!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kenji from USA

"I have worked with Kaz several times now and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to rent or buy property in Tokyo. We gave Kaz very strict criteria this time and he was able to find what we were looking for at a great a price. Kaz is also very good at staying on top of deadlines and making sure the rental process goes smoothly."