Thursday, April 10, 2014

Turky from Saudi Arabia

"After i got accepted into a japanese university i had to move out of my old apartment and look for a better apartment suitable for my new life at the university.. That's when i looked online and found Hikari Home and met Mr.Kaz there.. I was reallly worried if i would be able to find an apartment to my liking specially that i wanted a big one yet the money i receive from my scholarship wasn't that much and i was wiling to lower my demands to find something to my liking.. After meeting Mr.Kaz and explaining what i wanted in an apartment and where i wanted he showed my lots of places and i chose three of them to check out the next day.. Surprisingly that only took about 30 to 50 minutes.. I want to the apartment the next day with Mr.Kaz and he showed them to my and explained some stuff to my that a regular costumer won't notice usually... I really liked one of the them and it was perfect for my taste.. After that we went to the company responsible for that apartment and he explained to me all the rules and terms of the contract and some of the japanese that might appear to some is weird and helped my throughout the whole time till i moved to my new place.. I think hikari home is a great place if you want to find a new place to live in.."

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