Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Robert from the United States

Whenever you have to move, particularly on short notice, regrets
seemed destined to mount.  There are inevitably delays, problems, and
fees you didn't quite catch or understand amidst the stress of
upending the routine of at least the last few years.  And, if your new
home is in a foreign country, the energy and possibility you take from
the airport seems the inevitable tax of getting a good nights rest
outside of a hotel.

Absolutely nothing like that happened here.  This was the single best
and least stressful experience I've ever had moving to a new home, and
I'm counting experiences moving from one apartment to another in the
same city of my home country.  Where (I think) most people need to
spend weeks moving from hotel to hotel, thanks to Hitomi-san, I had
the keys for my apartment within a few days of touching down at
Narita, the fees I was originally quoted were negotiated down without
my having to do anything, and my visits to Hikari Home in Azabu-juban
were always pleasant.  I should mention that there is also a Freshness
Burger across the street from this location.  Can't beat that.

Thanks Hitomi-san, and thank you Hikari homes for making this the
least stressful part of coming to Tokyo.

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