Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Michika from Japan

I was recommended  Hikari Homes by my manager when I first joined my company. Im really glad he did, because Hitomi made the whole process as easy as possible. I had been so busy starting my new job that trying to look for an apartment as well was quite stressful. But Hitomi definitely helped by listening to my requirements and making time to show me the apartments that she carefully selected, scheduling appointments at inconvenient times and being very honest about the good and bad aspects of the apartments I was looking at. As soon as I found the place I really liked Hitomi quickly and efficiently helped with the process to make it as easy for me as possible. Thank you so much!:-)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Justin from Australia

Kaz has helped me find an apartment twice now, and I would definitely call him the next time I want to move. On both occasions he did an outstanding job to accommodate my long list of criteria. He always replied to my queries quickly and courteously, and he negotiated hard to get me the best possible deal. I recently referred a friend to Kaz, and he spoke equally highly of his professional approach to the job. I would happily recommend Kaz to anyone.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Michaela from Austria

It was a pleasure to work with Hikari Home. Hitomi helped me to find a new place.
She was extremely helpful and very fast in responding to all kinds of inquiries.
She was a great help during my moving process.
I definitely recommend her!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Jeremy from Australia

Kaz is a great agent and provided me with seamless support in finding our new apartment. We knew exactly what and where we wanted, and Kaz was able to accommodate our needs promptly and negotiate on our behalf. He is even meeting us on his holidays to hand us the keys.  I have now been happy to recommend Kaz to many of my friends and colleagues. Thanks Kaz.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jaqueline from Brasil

Thanks to Kaz I found the apartment I wanted , in the place I wanted ! He is fast, good negotiator and speaks fluently English!!  Totally recommend !!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Juni from Indonesia

Now I can enjoy my time in my private apartment thanks to Hitomi! I had a great time with her, a very warm, patient and friendly staff who helped me through out the entire weeks to find my new apartment. The entire process was very well prepared. She even helped me to contact gas and electricity company. Definitely love my new apartmentI would strongly recommend Hikari House to anyone!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Anthony from USA

"The best thing about HIKARI HOMES is that they did not waste my time.  Finding a new place to live in Tokyo can be a massive undertaking, but Kaz and Hitomi did everything possible to make my search as efficient as possible - They were flexible with viewing times, filtering properties, and moving quickly when necessary.  As a result of their efforts, I now live in a fantastic apartment, but pay less rent than expected.  Previously, I had wasted a lot of time -  including entire weekends! - and energy with other agencies before coming to HIKARI, so I really appreciated their professionalism and wish I had gone to HIKARI first.
Also, Kaz and Hitomi went "above and beyond" the call of duty in assisting me within things such as contacting construction companies and utility companies on my behalf as well as helping me with a lost key problem.  I highly recommend HIKARI for anyone looking for a new home in Tokyo!"

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jenna from France

I highly recommend Kaz if you are looking for an apartment in Tokyo.
Not only he has a great deal of experience but also he is very attentive to his clients' wishes. I changed my agent and when I first contacted him, he asked me a lot of precise questions in order to understand what kind of apartment I would like. Furthermore, he was very understanding and available. I had to find an apartment in less than two weeks and he made it possible. What surprised me the most was the fact that he answered promptly to all my emails whereas my previous agent took several days to reply. He also provided me with a lot of advices and took care of everything so that I could move in smoothly. Thank you very much Kaz!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

G.G. from Swiss

It was a pleasure to work with Hikari Home and I found my dream apartment quickly. Some time luck also helps to find a good apartment but I was very happy with the service provided by both agents I interacted with: quick responses, positive attitude, transparent approach with regards to prices, very good command of English and support for Japanese language barriers. I recommend Hikari Home to anyone looking for an apartment in Tokyo.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Keleih and Dob from USA,UK

"My husband and I had many very specific requirements for our new apartment. The number one requirement being that they allow cats. We quickly discovered that although many apartments allow pets, this usually means only dogs and no cats. Despite this, Hitomi was able to find us a wonderful apartment with low up-front move-in costs, with the train line and room sizes that we required, and that would allow us to have two cats. She even set us up with a moving company, put in our notice at our old apartment, and contacted the utility companies for us. My husband and I are very happy in our new place and highly recommend Hitomi."

Ana from Colombia

Hitomi is really nice and friendly so finding an apartment in Tokyo was very smooth thanks to her great help and support. I will recommend contacting Hitomi if you plan to find a new place, she will be happy to show you all the different options and for sure she will find the right place for you.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Rebekka and Alejandro from USA

Working with Kaz was a great experience.  He listened carefully to our requirements and helped guide us to the neighborhood and apartment best suited to our needs and lifestyle.  In addition, he was patient and responsive to our emails, phone calls, and questions.  We would definitely recommend him to anyone moving to Tokyo, especially from overseas!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dolly from Canada.

Being a foreigner in Japan can be hard to find a place but choosing Hikari make it so much easier. Nakamura-san is my consultant and I highly recommend her:she is attentive,easy-going and pleasant to work with,make me feel comfortable during the searching. Don't hesitate to contact them!

Darryl from Singapore.

My apartment hunting process went smoothly without a hitch thanks to Hitomi's friendly, prompt service and attention to detail. She was forthcoming with additional information without my asking, and followed up on my questions with minimum delay. It was a pleasure going through Hikari, and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sophia from Canada

I first contacted Kaz through email before I arrived in Japan. After doing some of my own research on finding apartments in Tokyo, I sent him a list of what I am looking for in an apartment. The person who introduced me to Kaz told me that he does have a great sense in choosing apartments considering the need of his client, so I did trust her recommendation and waited for our meeting.
Kaz helped me to find an apartment on a very good deal, matching almost all the criteria I wanted. I am really enjoying living in this apartment that I found through the help of Kaz. I can recommend to you, as my friend has recommended to me, that he would help you find the apartment that meets your prior needs in a best possible deal. Throughout my apartment hunting adventure, I really appreciate Kaz's sincere assistance on the apartment searching. He is both reliable and professional in handling his work. Thank you Kaz, and thanks to Hikari homes!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guillaume from France

"Nous sommes arrivés au Japon il y a 3 ans et nous avons déjà eu deux occasions de faire appel à Kaz. En 2010, nous avons pu visiter de nombreux appartements avec lui jusqu'a ce que nous trouvions le bon. Kaz nous a ensuite accompagnés dans les démarches administratives pour que nous puissions le louer même si nous étions étrangers et sans garants. c'est pour cela que nous n'avons pas hésité à faire de nouveau appel à lui en 2013 quand nous nous sommes mis à chercher un appartement plus grand."

Dee and Trace from Australia

"We would highly recommend Hitomi from Hikari Homes. We had been at the same address for 12+ years so once we decided to move we had some rather detailed requirements, including a very specific budget & tight deadline (within 3 weeks). Once Hitomi understood what we were looking for she was very patient in helping us secure our dream apartment, which we had discovered some time ago. She was instrumental in negotiating and meeting most of our criteria and for that we are so thankful. All the details & paperwork were handled seamlessly and she went above and beyond to make sure all the moving-in utilities were set-up immediately and our new life started as soon as we received the keys. We would have no hesitation in endorsing her wonderful support & service and would definitely contact Hikari Homes again for any future moves."

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kevin from America

Things sometimes happen for a reason. After having my application rejected for the first property I was interested in, I felt discouraged. But Hitomi-san worked even harder to help me find another place, and ended up finding me a much better property, for a better price, in the exact location where I wanted to live. Thank you Hitomi and Kaz for helping me to find a place that I can truly call home!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Al from Canada

We had been looking for a place for a while and from what I experienced, some real estate agents and landlords aren't so accepting of foreigners.
It can be really frustrating sometimes and Kaz really understands this.
He understood what we were looking for and catered to our needs.
Kaz, thank you so much for your understanding and I hope we can hang out sometime.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Oliver from Germany

Finally, sitting on your own sofa in your personal 50qm of Tokyo feels very good. However, on the long and winiding road there, you can easily get lost. We're glad that in Hitomi we had a professional and friendly guide on that journey. She was always dedicated towards the destination but patient enough to follow us on detours. And once we found the apartment it was easy to settle in, because Hitomi negotiated a discount, finished all the paperwork and took care about a lot of things even after we moved in. Thank you Hitomi! We would highly recommend you and Hikari Homes to everyone looking for an apartment in Tokyo

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Anu and Herman from South Africa.

Hitomi san was incredibly kind and helpful throughout the process of finding our apartment to signing documents, as well as negotiating on our behalf. She did a superb job and remained professional yet friendly. We would recommend her to any one looking for a great place to stay in Tokyo!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A.J. from America

I thought that finding a place to live in Tokyo would be a simple thing, but all my friends and coworkers told me how difficult it is for foreigners. Well, because of Hitomi and Hikari apartment, I found a place that's great, and she really tailored the search to my wants. In the end, I'm really glad Hitomi is my agent, and she took care of all the small details and explained everything thoroughly. And when something small went wrong, as they often do, she went beyond her call of duty to make it right. Very highly recommended that you work with this professional.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nick from UK

Finding an apartment in Tokyo can certainly be a hassle, especially for a non-Japanese resident. Kaz Harada and the team at Hikari took a lot of the stress out of the experience. From the first comprehensive list of questions outlining my search parameters, to the visiting of properties, to the final signing of paperwork, everything was done in a smooth manner and afforded me the luxury of knowing that my house hunting was in safe hands. Kaz will definitely be the first person I call next time I'm in the market for a property, and I have no hesitation recommending him to my friends

Monday, September 2, 2013

Misha from America

"With only a few weeks to find a place to live, working with Hikari homes has been a quick and painless process that I would recommend to anyone. In particular, Hitomi was extremely supportive all the way through and made sure I was getting the fairest deal. Five stars."

Friday, August 30, 2013

Janet from America

I honestly must say that my experience finding an apartment with Kaz Harada-san was better and smoother than I could have possibly imagined.  I had been looking at apartments with other agents in Tokyo for a while with no success.  Harada-san stepped in on a stressful morning for me and 2 hours later we had seen 4 places, I had chosen my favorite, and a week later was able to move in!  Throughout the whole process he was upfront, did everything to make my move in smoother and made me feel like I was in great hands!  I'm really happy with my experience AND my new place!  Thank you Kaz and Hikari Homes!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Jonathan from Australia

Harada-san and the Hikari team provided first class service from the beginning to end of the apartment renting process. They were attentive and responsive in locating a quality lineup of properties that suited my criteria, and over just a couple of hassle-free sessions they helped me get a good sense of potential neighborhoods to find my ideal apartment. Once the apartment was selected, Harada-san went the extra mile to negotiate rent, move in dates and ensure that the little things like internet setup and bike parking were all organized. As a new arriver to Japan, I can’t speak highly enough of Harada-san’s dedication to acquaint me with the Tokyo real estate market and its procedures.  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Michael from England

Kaz was a great help in assisting me with my search for an apartment. Before I arrived in Tokyo, he had already sent me a list of questions and so was able to prepare suitable viewings. Within the first day I had chosen the aaprtment I wanted and Kaz was able to negotiate a discount and have the keys to me within a week. He also provided me details of local fitness clubs and sports events that I may be interested in joining in the near future. I also have to thank Kaz for sorting out my high speed internet and gas connections.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Helen from HCMC

I would like to thank Kaz from Hikarihomes for his excellent assistance in helping me find a suitable apartment. He provided prompt and detailed information on properties available and clarified any queries that i had regarding my search. I would highly recommend Kaz and Hikarihomes to anyone searching for an apartment in Tokyo. Thank you so much!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Matt From America!

Hitomi helped me to find just the right place for me based on my list of criteria. Thanks to Hitomi, I found an apartment and a neighborhood that far exceeded my expectations. On top of that, Hitomi was very professional and truly a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an apartment in Tokyo!

Robert from Ireland

"Like many newcomers to Tokyo, I was quite nervous about finding an apartment in the city - I had heard plenty of stories about how difficult and frustrating it could be! In the end, though, it was a very straightforward and easy process, largely thanks to Hitomi's detailed explanations and useful advice. She gave me a clear understanding of what I needed to do at each step and listened carefully to my own requirements in the apartment search. I would whole-heartedly recommend Hikari Homes to anyone from overseas looking for a rental home in Tokyo!"

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rajat From India!

The service from Hikari Homes was fantastic in helping me find a new place in Tokyo. Hitomi provided me great help in finding the right apartment, going through the contract process and even negotiating the rent. Their after-service is also great, and very helpful for foreigners living in Tokyo. Highly recommended!

Ben from England

I’d like to say a very big thank you to Kaz Harada at Hikari Homes. In a short space of time, Kaz was able to find me a wonderful new home in exactly the part of Tokyo that I wanted. From start to finish, Kaz guided me and provided excellent advice throughout. He clearly knows the real estate business inside out and was not pushy with me like some other agents that I have dealt with. And also, Kaz was able to negotiate me a great deal on the property which satisfied both myself and the apartment owner. Highly recommended and I will certainly contact Kaz again in the future for any of my real estate needs.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jacob from the Philippines

I would like to thank Mr. Harada for arranging a lovely home for me in Tokyo. This place is so comfortable and high tech, it beats all
the hotels and apartments I have stayed so far. I am enjoying my student life in Tokyo thanks to Mr. Harada and so I highly recommend Mr. Harada if you
plan to stay and have fun in Tokyo.

Andrea from the Philippines

I was having a hard time getting an apartment in Tokyo as most agents only speak Nihonggo. Kaz' fluency in English as well as his very nice personality allayed my worries of not being able to find an apartment and made looking for one fun. I was very particular on what I want in an apartment, but Kaz was able to present me with options according to what I want. He accommodated my requests for scheduled viewing and took into consideration my strict schedule. Kaz got me the apartment I wanted, and even managed to lower the amount of monthly rental! I would recommend him and Hikari to anyone who needs an apartment in Tokyo but has very specific living space and location requirements. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kevin from Argentine

Finding a home in Tokyo is not an easy task especially for
non-Japanese speaking people. Kaz makes it easy and will take the time
to give you all information about the process. He'll also give great
recommendations based on your needs and give you multiple matching
options so choose from. Determine your needs, choose a place you like
and sit back, Hikari makes it work.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vid and Kozue

This is the second time I have been assisted by Harada-san, after he first helped me find a place in 2010. The reason I decided to ask for his services again was because that first time he found somewhere which matched my requirements very well. On top of that, I felt he went the extra mile in terms of the quality of service. This time again, Harada-san was on top of his game and could find a really nice apartment for us in a great location. I am sure we will be happy with the new place, and I look forward to calling on Harada-san again for help if we decide to move again in the future!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fabien from France.

My overall experience with Hikari Homes and in particular with Harada-san as well as nakamura-san was excellent. 
All my questions were handled quickly and professionally. Harada-san is a relationship driven professional that has a high attention to detail and worked actively to ensure a positive outcome for me. I definitely recommend him.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sean from USA

Hikari provides world-class service that is unmatched, especially for newcomers to Tokyo. Kaz and Hitomi worked diligently on my behalf to navigate through a complicated housing process. In the end, I got a great apartment in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Tokyo. Kaz was with me the whole time throughout. I can't thank him and the staff enough for their hard work and outstanding customer service!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Luke from Australia.

I highly recommend the wonderful people at Hikari homes. Kaz and Nakamura-san really took me under their wing and guided me through the extensive process that is finding a CORPORATE apartment in Tokyo.  Their professional services really did cut through the paperwork that you need when finding and applying for one of these.
The team really does know everything that is possible when renting an apartment here. On the way there were many blocks because of documentation on my side and they showed amazing patience and persistence at helping me find an great place to live. 

They understand the nuances of the market.
They are like a small tree sitting on a mountain that can weather the huge snowstorm, flexible to your  needs and able to withstand the onslaught of the high winds and snow that surround them. I was extrememly thankful, truely impressed and amazed. With their help our life has changed completely.

Wishing everyone at Hikari homes the best for the year ahead.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ben from France

I could find a great apartment very quickly thanks to Meg and Kaz. They both speak English very well and take the time to explain you every detail about the contract. They also took care of utility opening for me which was a great help as I don't speak Japanese at all and could not manage this by myself. I highly recommend Hikari!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Alejandro from Italy

"Looking for a place to live is normally a daunting experience. If that is in a country other than one's own the stress factor is to be multiplied by 10 and if in addition one doesn't speak the language trifold!  But then you find Hikari Home in Tokyo. Kaz and Meg go to great lengths to find the right place and they take care of all the details so it becomes a rather easy experience; they're both fluent in English and in addition to the show arounds they are great company to spend the afternoons with. So all in all I'm very pleased with having chosen Hikari Homes."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Midori from USA

Meg has been such a great support for finding the right apartment for me!
I highly recommend Hikari for their kind assistance to finding a new home in Tokyo. Although I had some requests, she showed me some options and I am very happy that I get to know her and Hikari.

If you are looking for a realtor, I recommend you get in touch with Megu and she will be more than happy to find you the right spot for you!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Patrick San from France

Thank you for the good support and friendly contact. Even before meeting people from Hikari I was able to start my search from France, Kaz having sent me a questionnaire to evaluate my needs. It was a pleasure interacting with Kaz and Hitomi, they did listen to my requests and tried to bring the closest match possible on the market. I am now enjoying life in my apartment after a short efficient series of visits.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Isaac from the Philipines

"Thanks to Meg, I finally have a place to call my own. Not only did she meet my stringent requirements in terms of location and rent but also exceeded my expectations by brokering a win-for-all deal. And the amount of effort and time I had to expend was kept minimum. So props to Hikari Home for having such a phenomenal agent who will leave no stone unturned until a client is happy and satisfied."

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pamela from USA

"The hassles and stress of being a foreigner trying to find your own place in Tokyo were greatly lessened by having Meg by my side. If it weren't for her, I don't know how I would have landed my lovely place at such a great price. Even when we ran into a few bumps came along the way, Meg was right there working hard to figure out a way to work them out all the while keeping me in the loop (nothing is worse than not knowing if you'll have a place to live or not). She went by far above and beyond as an agent and I greatly appreciate her insights and hard work. If you are looking for someone who will go the extra mile for you, look no further than Meg!"

Rahul from America

I highly recommend Kaz as a real estate agent. He was highly professional, courteous and great to work with from our very first meeting. He was able to quickly shortlist a few apartments based on the criteria I provided him, set up apartment viewings for the following weekend, and get an application going within 2 days after the viewing. He took care of most of the paperwork during the application process, including the set up for the utilities and internet, which was a great help to me as a recent Japan resident of less than a year. Start to finish, it took about a month from when I saw my first apartment with Kaz to the date I signed my lease, and about 2 months to my move-in date, which was very quick. I've built a strong relationship with Kaz from this process, and would recommend him to anyone looking for a new apartment in Tokyo; great guy to work with.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rumi from USA

I enjoyed working with hikari homes very much. I used them for a short term apt as well as for my long term apartment. I was very anxious to find an apartment ASAP and move out of my short term apartment as soon as possible to go ahead and get settled and appreciated the way that Irina and Meg responded and worked with me.

Irina patiently worked with me through a few contract changes while I was still in the US, and Meg took care of finding my long term apt once I had arrived. They provided me a refund for the few days that I did not stay at the short term place and Meg worked with the management company to meet me in quick turnaround time so that I could receive the keys to my new apt. I had done a fair bit of research prior to moving to Japan so I had certain expectations regarding rent and amenities but was still nervous about actually finding an affordable, safe, convenient and new apt near the station of my choice. Meg was able to deliver! What I enjoyed the most was how human she was and how she gave honest answers. Also appreciate how I feel comfortable reaching out with questions even after I've moved in.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ashley from USA

Meg was a great help in my recent apartment hunt in Tokyo. Having already lived in the city for a few years, I had a very specific idea of what I was looking for and Meg was very understanding and accommodating of my long list of "must-haves." I ended up finding just what I wanted in a matter of days and Meg did her best to negotiate lower fees on my behlalf. I particularly enjoyed working with Meg because of her humour and honesty and I felt that I could talk to her as more of a friend than just an agent. I would highly recommend working with Meg.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Edward from South Africa

I had the pleasure of dealing with Megumi when I was looking for an new apartment. Not only was she extremely professional, but also very friendly, efficient and honest - she wouldn' hesitate to say if she thought a place wasn't suitable. She was very helpful and even arranged for the utilities to be connected. Meg was very sensitive to my specific needs in finding a suitable place for which I was very grateful. Thanks Meg! Much appreciated.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Li-hsin from USA

I highly recommend Kaz's service. I had a great experience working with him! The process of findig a suitable place to call home in a foreign country can be quite stressful, but with Kaz's help, everything became easy. He was knowledgeable, personable, and accessable throughout the process. Not only did he help me find a place that I'm very happy with, he took care of the complicated paperwork, explained the contract in detail, and helped setting up utilities. He was very attentive to my needs and very efficient. I was able to move in to my apartment within a week of viewing. His hard work made the move a very smooth one. Thanks so much!  

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lorraine from UK

Moving to a country where you don't speak the language can be a confusing process, but Kaz made it as simple as possible, explaining how things work and bridging the language gap. We found an apartment on the first day, and Kaz's friendly help made it as painless as it could be. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nao from Japan


Tom and Tamara from Australia

Kaz is extremely professional and personable and was of great assistance to us in our apartment hunt.  Kaz took the time to understand what we were looking for in an apartment and helped us to find a great apartment in a fantastic location. Kaz also tookthe time to assist us in finalising all the necessary paperwork promptly. We feel very fortunate to have been referred to Kaz. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Victor from Mexico

I would have never expected to meet such a friendly and easy going person as Kaz while looking for an apartment. As a foreign in Tokyo, there're many complications, paper work and processes that need to be done when it comes to getting a new apartment, and they are all in japanese! After showing my interest to Kaz to get an apartment at an specific date, he immediately, without extensive paper work or delays took me to a tour to visit the apartment that satisfied the descriptions that told him. After I confirmed with him he handled all the documents and negotiations necessary, letting me focus in my work and normal life. Thank You Kaz!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Carol from UK

" Kaz found my apartment two years ago and when I wanted to move closer to Tokyo, he helped again. He listens to everything and will negotiate the best deal for you. He's saved me a fortune and is always around to help. I would and do recommend him to all my colleagues. Thanks, Kaz."

Serena from UK

Kaz was an invaluable help to me when navigating the tricky rental market in Tokyo as a foreigner. I had very specific requirements and Kaz took all of these on board, ensuring that none of the viewings were ever a waste of time.  
I now have a great apartment thanks to Kaz! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

John from USA

My name is John and I am going to college here in Tokyo. I came to Mrs. Ito with very specific needs which made the options very limited and the search very difficult. While my search was out of Mrs. Ito's specialty she showed great passion in finding the perfect apartment that matched my needs. In a relatively short time, we were able to find an apartment that matched all my requests and it has been two months and I couldn't be happier. I recommend Mrs. Ito to anybody who is looking for the perfect apartment because she will not give up until its found.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Michelle from Australia

I was nervous about finding an apartment in Tokyo by myself, but Meg and Hikari Homes really took the stress out of everything.
Meg listened to my very specific requirements and we were able to find and apply for an apartment that I loved that very same day.
I was impressed with how professional, efficient and friendly Meg was.
I am very happy with my new home and area and would definitely recommend Hikari Homes for anyone looking for a new place.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anna from LA

This was my third time moving in Tokyo, but I was never lucky enough to meet a real estate company with such great service as Hikari Homes. I would even recommend them to my Japanese friends.

Not like other companies I've dealt with, they carefully show you their database right in front of you so you can go through it together. Meg and Kaz would give good suggestions and advice, and they are very trustworthy people.  In the past, I had to go to a third party to sign all the forms and documents, but at Hikari Homes, everything was done right then and there. No waste of time, just super efficient. Email responses were always quick and they were flexible with appointments.

One thing that I thought was especially impressive was, after signing the contract to my new apartment, they took care of the entire utilities- internet, gas, electricity, everything! Usually that process needs to be taken care of on your own. They also made sure that I can directly call them if a problem occurs, even after my move-in! 

All I can say is that they have amazing service and I would highly recommend it to the non-Japanese and even the Japanese living in Tokyo. I have been very satisfied with their quality of support and assistance. Thank you Hikari Homes.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Alex from USA

Kaz is great. Online you'll see and read plenty of stories detailing the difficulties foreigners have renting in Tokyo. Not so if you go through Hikari. Kaz showed me an array of apartments--ranging significantly in price and location. I found this quite helpful. Tokyo being so vast, I couldn't pinpoint a preferred location by looking at pictures online--though I naively thought I could. But after Kaz showed me around various areas, I knew which area was best for me. Kaz also provided great conversation while we traveled the city, looking at rentals. It made for an enjoyable, rather than stressful, day of searching.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Aki from Mexico

When I started looking for a new house to move to I was mentally preparing myself for a long and arduous process with many unknowns. I was referred to Harada-san at Hikari Homes from one of my work colleagues so I went on a Friday afternoon to start my journey to find a new home.
I had filled in some questions that Harada-san sent me beforehand so I was pleasantly surprised to find that once I got to the office there were already waiting with a few options to look at and we were able to visit a few place that same day. By the time I got back that evening I was ready to enjoy the Friday night as I had already found my next home – all in less than half an afternoon!
If you are looking for a house in the Tokyo area I highly recommend contacting Kaz Harada.

Jade from Australia

I'm really pleased to have found such a great apartment so close to work. Apartment hunting was difficult but Tak and Meg were always helpful and cheerful. The team at Hikari Homes were very professional and I was well looked after.

Akira from Japan and Germany

I’m so glad to have found a nice place to live by the help of Yamamoto-san(Tak) at Hikari Home. One month ago I had to find out my new apartment as quickly as possible after coming back from Germany and Yamamoto-san(Tak) never hesitated to assist me. He listened very closely to what I was looking for and gave me advice about good places to live. He also showed me rooms flexibly and tried to meet my preferences. I had visited 6 different agents since I came back to Tokyo and am now really pleased to have come across someone, who is very reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend Yamamoto-san(Tak) and Hikari Home to anyone looking for an apartment in Tokyo.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cameron from Australia

"I was having significant trouble finding a suitable apartment in Tokyo.
As soon as I came across Hikari and Meg, things became a lot simpler.
During the apartment search, at inspections, whilst arranging all the
necessary paperwork, and long after I'd moved in, Meg was professional,
responsive and very kind. I haven't had a better real estate agency
experience anywhere else. I recommend Meg and Hikari very highly."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oreste & Alessandra from Italy

Kaz has a very pragmatic and efficient approach to house search  and always made us feel like we were the only people he was working with.  He has been essential in helping us finding the property  we were looking for, both in terms of requirements and location. 
We initially thought that it was going to take long to find a suitable property in Tokyo but thanks to Kaz we were able to find our dream flat in just a few days!

Relocating to Tokyo can be quite challenging, especially if you don't speak fluent Japanese, and Hikari has been a great partner for our search. Kaz and Tak made it so easy for us being always on top of things  and also arranged for the utilities to get up and running on the day we moved in. We will use them at the next occasion and keep recommending their services to both our friends and our colleagues.

Sean from Australia

"Apartment hunting in Japan can be challenging for a foreign national, but my Hikari Home agent, Kaz, made the process as easy as possible. He was ready to start showing me apartments the day I first made contact with my inquiry. I'm very excited about my new, modern Tokyo apartment."

Mary from USA

I first went to Hikari Homes a couple years ago when I moved from Gunma to Tokyo. They helped me find a place quickly without hassle. Having bilingual staff is a huge help.
I naturally thought of them again when I moved again. I am grateful for their help. It was a painless process and I'm happy with my new place. They went out of their way to help me. Thanks so much for the help, especially to Kaz! I'd recommend Hikari Homes to those are looking. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Todd from America

Meg was very kind and helpful during my apartment search. It can be a confusing process, but she made it quite easy. She was easy to get in touch with, always quick to respond, and stayed on top of things the whole time. I am very happy with the results, and I'm glad I went with Hikari Tokyo Apartments. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ayako from Singapore

I describe Kaz San in 3 words.

It is always hard for anyone to find a place where you have never lived. People always want to get a reliable agent who can help you to find a place as soon as possible. Kaz San is the agent who can provide exactly 
What you want! 

In my case, I used to live in oversea for many years . Before moving into Tokyo , I had lots of anxieties to find a place .. settle in..start new etc. However l found a place on the very first day I met Kaz San. It was so quick to find a new home because he made a effort to talk into landlord to get a good deal ! 

I will recommend friends who will come to Tokyo. 

Thanks Kaz San!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bill from USA

Kaz was very helpful in negotiating my lease with the landlord, working in my best interests. He worked with me to obtain the terms and conditions I wanted. Before moving in he helped me arrange my utilities and the internet, saving me valuable time.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

David from America

I have used Kaz two times now to find housing in the Tokyo area.  Both times he has gone well beyond what should be expected of someone in his position.  He never hesitated to assist me, even on his off days, and really spent time to show me one place after another that fit the criteria of what I was looking for, in terms of a place. He is very professional and really does his best to find his customers the home that is best for them. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wing from Australia

"Meg from Hikari Home was so helpful and did her job very well.
At the time I was looking for a new place, I also registered with a competing real estate agent. There was no comparison with the service I received from her. Meg was very pro-active, regularly sending me floor plans of various rooms which fit my requirements, eventually finding the best fit, and what was even better, she managed to negotiate the price down. I would totally recommend her and Hikari Home as the complete room hunting service you will ever need."

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mario from USA

When I decided that it was time to make the move from a share house style apartment to my own place, it seemed that no matter who I spoke with I was directed towards Kaz at Hikari Home.

From the initial email contact, I was very impressed by how thorough and hard-working he is. He will not only find you a match to your needs, but he'll do it with a personal attentiveness  and service that I can't help but recommend him to anyone in the market for a new home.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Marie from Japan

As being a Japanese, I thought finding a place in Japan would be no problem. But it was wrong.

It required a lot of time to research availabilities, contact agencies, get consulted by them, and narrow down the places for actual look…etc It had such a long list of things to do. With my tight schedule to find a place, Mr Harada and Hikari Homes members were the only agency that made this possible.  

Mr. Harada truly understood my desires and importance of time flame, and he provided me an appropriate place in a few days. Even after finding a place, his process to complete documentations and contact a management company was tremendously speedy, with his well-preparations. Without any doubt, I will highly recommend him to anyone.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Deepa from Australia

"Meg and the team at Hikari Homes made my apartment searching process so much easier, and I am very happy having found the perfect apartment that is in a great area within convenient access to my workplace. With great service, I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new place!"

Stephen from USA

Meg was extremely helpful in finding the perfect place for me. When I first entered Hikari Homes I was quite picky about the kind of apartment I wanted and had many requests regarding the station's location and convenience to my job. I was worried that this would be a problem, but Meg worked tirelessly to meet my needs. She went through the database of apartments and printed out a few places. In no time at all she found a place for me. In fact, the apartment she found passed my expectations! But that's not all. She also helped me get my utilities turned on in the new apartment and introduced me to a moving company. Meg made my moving process efficient and painless. I can't thank her enough for the help. Anyone looking for an apartment should use Hikari Homes