Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mark from Switzerland

When I first arrived in Tokyo I contacted 3 real estate agencies to help me find an apartment. Taka san from Hikari Homes definitely was by far the best. On the same day I met with Taka san:

- we went through the list of apartments that matched my requirements- I was able to visit all of them- made a reservation for the one I wanted.

Taka san took care of all the administrative work and even made all arrangements with Gas, water and electricity company before I moved in.

I can only recommend to who ever is looking to find an apartment in Tokyo to pay a visit to Hikari homes and check for yourself.
Taka san moved fast, did not count the hours of work, was always available for any question I had (even during his day off work!) and most of all has been extremely efficient in finding me the right apartment in a very short time. This is what I call high standard professional work!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Decia from Jamaica

Walking into a Real Estate Agency in Japan can be intimidating, even when you
speak the language fluently. A lot of times when you walk into a Real Estate
agency in Japan, you get the "where is he/she going?" "hmm gaijin, wonder if
he/she speaks Japanese?" and this is not how one wants to start off a
relationship to find your home while in Japan. I have to say my experience with
TAKA-san of Hikari Home was nothing short of wonderful. TAKA-san listened to
all my request and made sure to get me the apartment I wanted within a
reasonably amount of time, while amazingly negotiating on my behalf and
professionally listening to my unrealistic requests:)). I strong recommend
TAKA-san to anyone looking to take on the dreadful challenge of finding an
apartment/house in Japan - the experience can be challenging but fun and it
makes a world of difference when you have someone who is capable in the middle.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wei Ming from Bolivia

Kaz went to great lengths in helping me during my first move in Japan. I am pretty sure few agents would do what he did for me, and I greatly appreciated his help. I do not yet speak fluent Japanese and he helped me during the process from beginning to end. In one day, I was lucky to find a great apartment thanks to his help and initiative. He is a personable and understanding agent and will definitely make you feel at home in Japan. For those with smaller budgets, but who appreciate going out, I was thankful that Kaz helped me find an apartment that was suitable to my lifestyle. Thank you Kaz.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kyle from Hawaii

Finding accommodations in Japan can be a dreadful experience, especially for foreigners with limited Japanese language abilities. I've gone through the stressful process twice before and have always felt that real-estate agents were working for the landlords. This time was very different.

Kaz found me a great place with a large living room within walking distance from my office which is exactly what I was looking for. He worked around my busy travel schedule to prepare and process the numerous required documents and successfully negotiated financial terms on my behalf. Even after the sale, Kaz made it his responsibility to ensure the property manager followed through with resolving an unforeseeable incident.

Paul from England

I’d like to add my voice to the growing list of commendations for Hikari Homes and particularly Kaz Harada-san who was my consultant. Knowledgeable, flexible, honest and friendly Kaz-san turned a potentially difficult process of finding a home into a simple task. Having listened to my requirements I was shown round a wide selection of apartments all of which ticked the necessary boxes and were within budget. The most arduous task I faced was making the final decision between 2 amazing homes. Kaz-san then patiently explained the contracts, helped with the inventory, negotiated a discount on the rent and took care of gas, electricity and water. Quite simply, you could not wish for to find a better service from a nicer guy. I would not hesitate to recommend Kaz-san and Hiraki Homes to friends and colleagues alike.

Sunday, March 6, 2011




それからは、全てが手際良い運びでこんなにも早くテナント様をお探し頂け、それに併せ賃貸契約の締結までの過程に置いても、すべてをいち早く察知され諸事完璧で確固たるTaka様の対応...まさに “ 痒いところに手が届く思い ” ...と言えるもので、その快さを私は絶えず感じておりました。



Saturday, March 5, 2011

Amir from Malaysia

Taka-san's help was invaluable in getting me the correct apartment that fits my criteria. I had an extremely limited time frame to find an apartment while also focusing on my work assignment. All this had to be done without me having an alien card and a Japanese bank account yet. I was expecting to face a tough time but by working some amazing magic, Taka-san managed to negotiate with the landlord and the guarantor to get me the apartment I wanted. I've now registered at the ward office, have a Japanese bank account and just paid my first water bill in my new home. Thanks a lot Hikari Homes and Taka! Should I decide to look for a new place, I know who to contact again.