Monday, March 28, 2011

Decia from Jamaica

Walking into a Real Estate Agency in Japan can be intimidating, even when you
speak the language fluently. A lot of times when you walk into a Real Estate
agency in Japan, you get the "where is he/she going?" "hmm gaijin, wonder if
he/she speaks Japanese?" and this is not how one wants to start off a
relationship to find your home while in Japan. I have to say my experience with
TAKA-san of Hikari Home was nothing short of wonderful. TAKA-san listened to
all my request and made sure to get me the apartment I wanted within a
reasonably amount of time, while amazingly negotiating on my behalf and
professionally listening to my unrealistic requests:)). I strong recommend
TAKA-san to anyone looking to take on the dreadful challenge of finding an
apartment/house in Japan - the experience can be challenging but fun and it
makes a world of difference when you have someone who is capable in the middle.

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