Monday, October 25, 2010

Keelan from USA

As a new foreigner in Tokyo, with plans to stay long term, I wanted access to the "real" Tokyo apartment system instead of the typical, and limited, foreigner options. Hikari fulfilled this desire wonderfully. My agent was the great, and quite funny, Kaz Harada. Kaz took me to see multiple apartments on at least three different occasions, guided me through all of the paper work, and even set up my utilities and internet once I finally found a place. Kaz was always quick to respond to messages and phone calls, and was truly an enjoyable person to work with. If you want an apartment in Tokyo, but haven't been sure who to trust, stop looking, you've found the place.

Keelan Kelley

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anna Vassilovski from Canada

I recently arrived to Tokyo from Canada to begin work for a company within the city. I did not speak Japanese nor was I familiar with the housing situation in Tokyo and I was looking for an apartment within a two week time period -- a highly stressful situation! Luckily I came upon the Hikari Homes website and contacted them by e-mail with my desired apartment considerations. I was introduced to Kato-san and he gladly showed me a number of apartments within the area I was looking. He was very knowledgeable, timely, and organized. Within the week, he helped me to find an apartment and made the necessary arrangements for all the apartment setups. I am very thankful to them for helping me find an apartment I am glad to call my home!

I highly recommend Hikari Homes and Kato-san for their housing services!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eric from France

It is the third time I’m moving within Tokyo and this last one is the easier and faster I did. Kaz has been pro-reactive to my email posted on the internet. On the same day Kaz called me and then we met 2 days after so for him to understand what I’m looking for. After 4 days of investigation on his side he came with 10 proposals and we selected 4 of them. The first visit was the apartment I’m now in! Even the area I was looking for was not in the usual area where Kaz is having his clients he did find the right apartment! Kaz has been very friendly during the time we spend together but remained very professional in his attention to my comfort and even advice me for insurance and internet solution. I really appreciate the high level services provided by Kaz and also the welcoming staffs in Hikari Tokyo Apartments office. They are very trustworthy and dedicated people.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ray Vikram Nath from India

I arrived recently in Tokyo from New Delhi. Since it was my first time in Japan I pretty much did not know anything about renting an accommodation as well as the related formalities. I got searching on the net and came across Hikari Homes in Tokyo. Soon I got in touch with Kato-san from Hikari Homes, who helped me settle down in Tokyo. Today I am extremely happy with the services that has been provided to me. Not only did Hikari Homes got me a comfortable place to stay, it went beyond than that by helping me rent furniture as well as assisting me with its payments. Being a foreigner and tackling finances gets difficult at times and this was understood at Hikari Homes, which has immensely helped in smoothly settling these issues out.For all these reasons as well and much more I would highly recommend the real estate services being provided by Hikari Homes to anybody and everybody coming Tokyo and looking for an Apartment. I would like to rate them amongst one of the best services I have come across till now.

In the end I would like to thank Kato-san and the whole team at Hikari Home for their support and continuing assistance.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

James from Canada

"I was introduced to Kaz Harada through a coworker of mine, and was told he was one of the best agents to deal with.
Kaz definitely lived up to his reputation, and went to great lengths to accommodate my requirements. From apartment
viewing to contract negotiations, Kaz always kept my best interests in mind and was diligent and speedy in his
arrangements. Hikari Homes office staff are all super friendly and made me feel as comfortable as possible.
If you want to take the stress and hardship out of house-hunting in Tokyo, I highly recommend Hikari Homes."