Friday, October 8, 2010

Ray Vikram Nath from India

I arrived recently in Tokyo from New Delhi. Since it was my first time in Japan I pretty much did not know anything about renting an accommodation as well as the related formalities. I got searching on the net and came across Hikari Homes in Tokyo. Soon I got in touch with Kato-san from Hikari Homes, who helped me settle down in Tokyo. Today I am extremely happy with the services that has been provided to me. Not only did Hikari Homes got me a comfortable place to stay, it went beyond than that by helping me rent furniture as well as assisting me with its payments. Being a foreigner and tackling finances gets difficult at times and this was understood at Hikari Homes, which has immensely helped in smoothly settling these issues out.For all these reasons as well and much more I would highly recommend the real estate services being provided by Hikari Homes to anybody and everybody coming Tokyo and looking for an Apartment. I would like to rate them amongst one of the best services I have come across till now.

In the end I would like to thank Kato-san and the whole team at Hikari Home for their support and continuing assistance.

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