Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eric from France

It is the third time I’m moving within Tokyo and this last one is the easier and faster I did. Kaz has been pro-reactive to my email posted on the internet. On the same day Kaz called me and then we met 2 days after so for him to understand what I’m looking for. After 4 days of investigation on his side he came with 10 proposals and we selected 4 of them. The first visit was the apartment I’m now in! Even the area I was looking for was not in the usual area where Kaz is having his clients he did find the right apartment! Kaz has been very friendly during the time we spend together but remained very professional in his attention to my comfort and even advice me for insurance and internet solution. I really appreciate the high level services provided by Kaz and also the welcoming staffs in Hikari Tokyo Apartments office. They are very trustworthy and dedicated people.

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