Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sarah from Australia

Finding an apartment with Kaz has been such a quick and easy process. Looking for a place to live in a foreign country can be daunting especially if you aren't completely fluent in the local language, but Kaz did his best to help and assist me and we found a great place for me to live very quickly. I am really happy in my new apartment and everything from setting up the bills to organising the movers has been smooth thanks to Kaz and his great support. His response to emails and calls was always prompt and he did his best to answer all the questions I had before I moved into my new place. I would definitely recommend using Hikari Homes and plan on keeping in touch with Kaz myself in case I want to move homes again in the future. Thank you so much again Kaz!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Alen from USA

I found out about Hikari Home from a number of expats living in Japan now, that have used the service and had recommended it to others. Not knowing much about Japanese real estate market I wanted to work with a company that had a good reputation and would able to minimize the stress associated with searching for a home in a new country, I contacted a number of different companies but Mr.Harada, responded almost immediately. He listened to my requirements, asked some additional questions and informed me about my options. He was very welcoming, understanding, and knowledgeable.
He helped me narrow down potential choices in areas I wanted and was very flexible with his schedule in order to be able to go see said properties at a time that worked for me. He was very upfront about the pros and cons of each property and really seemed like he had my best interest in mind. Eventually I was able to find a property that was in a great area, with a great price. Even after finding the apartment he made handling all the paperwork and associated processes as painless as possible. Everything went through without a problem. However, what I appreciated the most about working with Mr.Harada is that he was always available and willing to help. No matter the question I might have had he was always there with a prompt answer, and that really went a long way towards making me feel at ease through out the whole process, especially given that my Japanese ability was not great. If help was required he was there, I really can't express enough how much I appreciated this.
Overall, I very much enjoyed working with Hikari Home and Mr.Harada. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home in Tokyo. You will not be disappointed,.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sean from USA

"Working with Kaz is always great! Whether it's your first time in Tokyo or you are a seasoned Japan veteran, Kaz will always work to find you the best options for the type of place that you want.  Then, once you have determined the place you want, he will continue negotiating until get you the best possible deal.  He is a real pro!"

Charlotte from UK

Kaz has been very helpful with finding an apartment and I have found him to be both professional and amiable.  He followed my requirements carefully and delivered on every level, providing an excellent range of apartments to choose from.  Furthermore, he went above and beyond with additional requests and advice, and always replied to queries promptly.  I would recommend his services to anyone searching for an apartment in Tokyo.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chintan from India

When I landed up in Japan, having talked to couple of property agents I was really surprised with the terms for rental apartment especially for foreigners who cant speak Japanese!

On one fine day I found reply in my mail box from person named Kaz. Frankly speaking by looking at the mail my first reaction was like "too many questions asked"! Yes, that's what I felt at that time because of  my earlier not so good experience with other agents. With lots of courage I answered all the questions :-).

Next day meeting was setup and I realized how detailed my answers could be used to search the property suitable for me with a state of art software! After the same meeting I was taken to see the property and deal was done. That was the best fit for me. :-)

I really like the way Kaz executes your assignments with full utilization of your limited time. He is very supportive and co-operative. I'd say he is the best guy in town for real estate business.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Cia Ai from Singapore

I move to Tokyo about a month ago and liaised with several agencies to look for a permanent home. Of all the agents who responded to my requests, Kaz was the most industrious and honest. At our first meeting, he explained the different areas in Tokyo in an open manner and quickly identified my needs. On the spot, he showed me several apartments which would be suitable for my budget. We shortlisted these and immediately, he brought me out to view these apartments. It was incredibly efficient. I could not decide between two of them but Kaz carefully analysed their pros and cons to me. He saw factors which I did not realise. Kaz is sincere and helpful. I can’t think of a better person to contact if you are looking for an apartment in Tokyo.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Leanne and Aron from Australia

"Having lived in Japan for close to 8 years. Finding an apartment can be an absolute nightmare. I've found my previous homes through many of the English friendly rental agencies here in Tokyo - however none are as professional or as friendly (and none explain it as clearly and simply) as Kaz.

He was the first to reply promptly to my enquiry via an open search engine then any other agency and funnily enough the next day he was recommended separately to me via one of my best friends as the best real estate agent to talk too.

When I first went to meet Kaz, he happily answered all of my questions (even my stupid ones) and helped me to find the best possible options to fit my requirements. He was very flexible and open minded in helping my fiancee & I look at all possible properties till we found one that was everything we wanted especially in such a short timeframe. He was great at explaining all the paperwork, and making sure we filled out all the right documents to ensure that everything was correct.

It was extremely helpful as well that Kaz assisted us in cancelling/transferring all our old utilities to our new place so that we had no stress regarding the Japanese bureaucracy, so that when we moved in, our place was ready with everything working.

I would heartily recommend Kaz to anyone living in Tokyo (especially those who Japanese skills are lacking) as he goes above & beyond to making your search for a home a pleasant one instead of a stressful experience.