Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chintan from India

When I landed up in Japan, having talked to couple of property agents I was really surprised with the terms for rental apartment especially for foreigners who cant speak Japanese!

On one fine day I found reply in my mail box from person named Kaz. Frankly speaking by looking at the mail my first reaction was like "too many questions asked"! Yes, that's what I felt at that time because of  my earlier not so good experience with other agents. With lots of courage I answered all the questions :-).

Next day meeting was setup and I realized how detailed my answers could be used to search the property suitable for me with a state of art software! After the same meeting I was taken to see the property and deal was done. That was the best fit for me. :-)

I really like the way Kaz executes your assignments with full utilization of your limited time. He is very supportive and co-operative. I'd say he is the best guy in town for real estate business.

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