Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anna from LA

This was my third time moving in Tokyo, but I was never lucky enough to meet a real estate company with such great service as Hikari Homes. I would even recommend them to my Japanese friends.

Not like other companies I've dealt with, they carefully show you their database right in front of you so you can go through it together. Meg and Kaz would give good suggestions and advice, and they are very trustworthy people.  In the past, I had to go to a third party to sign all the forms and documents, but at Hikari Homes, everything was done right then and there. No waste of time, just super efficient. Email responses were always quick and they were flexible with appointments.

One thing that I thought was especially impressive was, after signing the contract to my new apartment, they took care of the entire utilities- internet, gas, electricity, everything! Usually that process needs to be taken care of on your own. They also made sure that I can directly call them if a problem occurs, even after my move-in! 

All I can say is that they have amazing service and I would highly recommend it to the non-Japanese and even the Japanese living in Tokyo. I have been very satisfied with their quality of support and assistance. Thank you Hikari Homes.

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