Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rumi from USA

I enjoyed working with hikari homes very much. I used them for a short term apt as well as for my long term apartment. I was very anxious to find an apartment ASAP and move out of my short term apartment as soon as possible to go ahead and get settled and appreciated the way that Irina and Meg responded and worked with me.

Irina patiently worked with me through a few contract changes while I was still in the US, and Meg took care of finding my long term apt once I had arrived. They provided me a refund for the few days that I did not stay at the short term place and Meg worked with the management company to meet me in quick turnaround time so that I could receive the keys to my new apt. I had done a fair bit of research prior to moving to Japan so I had certain expectations regarding rent and amenities but was still nervous about actually finding an affordable, safe, convenient and new apt near the station of my choice. Meg was able to deliver! What I enjoyed the most was how human she was and how she gave honest answers. Also appreciate how I feel comfortable reaching out with questions even after I've moved in.

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