Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sophia from Canada

I first contacted Kaz through email before I arrived in Japan. After doing some of my own research on finding apartments in Tokyo, I sent him a list of what I am looking for in an apartment. The person who introduced me to Kaz told me that he does have a great sense in choosing apartments considering the need of his client, so I did trust her recommendation and waited for our meeting.
Kaz helped me to find an apartment on a very good deal, matching almost all the criteria I wanted. I am really enjoying living in this apartment that I found through the help of Kaz. I can recommend to you, as my friend has recommended to me, that he would help you find the apartment that meets your prior needs in a best possible deal. Throughout my apartment hunting adventure, I really appreciate Kaz's sincere assistance on the apartment searching. He is both reliable and professional in handling his work. Thank you Kaz, and thanks to Hikari homes!

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