Monday, April 2, 2012

Brian and Ava from Singapore and Philippine

House hunting in Tokyo is no easy task. Language barrier aside, Tokyo's attitudes towards foreigners looking for a place to live, spans a complex spectrum from benign curiosity on one end to downright hostility on the other. Having already spent almost two years in Tokyo, we felt we were already in a solid position to find a place for ourselves. But somewhere between puzzling the mysteries of key money and deciphering the jargon of LDK, we realised we were in too deep, lost, confused and overwhelmed.

At this point, Kaz and Hikari homes stepped in with their friendly and professional services to rescue us and shine a guiding light. Trustworthy, straightforward, and always with our best interests at heart, Kaz helped us navigate the convoluted Tokyo housing scene, patiently taking us from one house to another until we found the perfect one. Armed only with a vague description of what we were looking for and a rough outline of our budget, Kaz was able to line up one showing after another of increasingly impressive houses and apartments until finally, we discovered our new wonderful "Sweet My Home".

Once we made our choice, Kaz spared no effort and expense in securing our application, working tirelessly and acting as the go-between ourselves and the landlord, negotiating a reasonable price and answering any questions and readdressing any concerns we had, quickly, efficiently and most importantly, with reassuringly professional proficiency.

Beyond his multi-linguistic abilities and tireless professionalism, Kaz possesses a truly sincere desire to do right by his clients that permeates through every aspect of his work and thanks to him, we were finally able to find the perfect apartment to suit our particular needs. Thank you Kaz and thank you Hikari Homes. We couldn't have done it without you.

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