Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Patrick from Germany

"I always rather like to handle things myself. But when you are looking for a decent apartment in Tokyo, especially when you are a foreigner, you sooner or later (mostly sooner) get to the point where you will need some help from an expert. Miho and Kaz of Hikari Home offered great help and expertise. First and foremost, both of them are remarkably friendly. They always respond to your questions via mail or phone very quickly and they work very transparently.  Also, I always know what I am not looking for, but rarely can I specify what I am looking for... Responding to that with patience while continuing to act in the best interest of the client is very good service, I think. With Miho and Kaz, that`s what you get. They hear your expectations, they guide you through myriads of offers, they tell you what might be good and what not, they drive with you through town to several locations - and if it`s not what you are looking for, no one tries to persuade you, come hell or high water.  Definitely a good address!  Thank you both very much helping me find a nice apartment, for your time, your effort and for your support."  

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