Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ming from Taiwan

It's not about what the property you are looking for but who conducts it for you!

Tokyo is such a global metropolitan with a variety of properties available.
However, the most complicated thing is not the making of requirement list
but how to find the one exactly meet your need timely. Thanks to Kato San
from Hikari Home, who is quite an expert I must say that. He can very
quickly get the points of your expectations and recommend properties fits in
your budget, location selection, style and characteristics, as well as
personal preferences. Moreover, he is also good at price negotiation, not to
mention his such after-sales services as set-up of electricity, waters,
billing, and internet connections. Above all, thanks to Kato San and Hikari
Home make the housing thing as easy as it could be in my hometown.  Ming

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