Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Julia from Washington DC

After many months of online research and trying to find housing in Japan I was lucky enough to meet Kaz-san of Hikari homes. I had sent out inquiries to numerous other
housing companies and even craigslist but the advertisements were either inaccurate or not accustomed to working with a foreigner. Kaz-san went above and beyond to
explain all the details when it comes to renting a place in Japan and did so in the most patient and understanding way. He did this in spite of my “unique” requirement of trying to find a place that was 'traditional' Japanese and outside central Tokyo. Today I am living in a wonderful place and my experience in Japan is off to a great start thanks to the tremendous work and professionalism of Kaz-san. I highly recommend him. Thank you Kaz and Hikari homes! Best, Julia

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