Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gary from Australia

Renting an apartment in Japan is very hard for foreigners. Or at east, that's what I thought. But Kato san really made it so much easier. Each week, he drove me around to a range of places that matched my long list of specific
requirements. I was quite fussy about what I wanted, but Kato san never applied
any pressure to accept something that wasn't exactly right for me. He was
very kind, very patient and very helpful.

Most importantly, I really felt I could trust him, so I felt much more relaxed
about renting an apartment in Japan. Kato san even managed to negotiate on
my behalf which would have been very difficult with another agency.

I can also say that it was quite good fun to drive around visiting apartments
with Kato san. His English is perfect, and we had many casual conversations
about life in Japan for local people and for foreigners. Quite truthfully,
it felt more like a friend was helping me out than a real estate agency.
If you're looking for a home in Tokyo, Kato san will really help you.


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