Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grégory from France

"Foreigners coming to Japan, I will be honest with you.
You are going to move to Japan and you are amazingly excited. YOU'RE RIGHT!
Of course, you should first read a bit about "culture shock" and watch "Lost in translation" again but
Japan is an unbelievable country and if you're ready to play the game, discover the culture and learn the language a little,
this will makes it a very rich human experience in your life.

Foreigners coming to Japan, I will be honest with you.
Finding an apartment, by yourself, in Japan is (to me) impossible. The language and how the system functions are 2 huge unknowns for you as you won't be able to understand a lot of things, but also for any landlord
as it will be hard for them to trust you.

However, take a deep breath as there is a solution: Don't think you're smarter, don't think you will be able to find the best deal by yourself. Don't put all that responsability on you.
Just contact Harada-san, here at Hikari Home...and your worries are over, I mean a part of it ;-)
His english is perfect. He is both a very kind family man but also a very professional real estate agent. He's completely devoted to his work. He is honest.
He answers very fast to any request and he took care of everything for me in this apartment hunt.

Conclusion: if you need an apartment, you now know what to do: Harada-san! But if during this process or adaptation to your new life, you still feel tired, stressed, weird or if you need help with your health, you can visit my new beautiful osteopathy clinic at

Foreigners coming to japan...WELCOME!"

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