Friday, June 3, 2011

Michael and Daphne from Taipei

Finding a suitable apartment overseas, within your budget and lifestyle needs, can be a challenging experience at best. Having lived and worked overseas for over fifteen years, I have worked with a number of realty agents. Kaz, I can truly say, is one-of-a-kind. He has many strengths, far too many to list here, but when it comes to searching for an apartment in Tokyo, three immediately come to mind. Kaz listens. He takes the time to understand your needs and operates in a clear and open style to help you feel confident and comfortable. Kaz delivers. He will find a range of apartments that meet your needs then work with you and the leasing company to create the best offer available. Kaz helps. He understands the difficulties of living overseas and works with you to solve problems. He’s not afraid to offer his opinion and working with him is very much like working with a trusted friend. I highly recommended his services.

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