Thursday, January 8, 2015

Marianne from USA

Kaz Harada of Hikari Homes helped me enormously in my search for just the right apartment in Tokyo. We have worked together to find two different apartments, and in both instances Kaz was helpful in every step of the way. Kaz also found an unusual offer that was of benefit to me financially.  Kaz is very professional, yet very approachable and friendly. For non-Japanese speakers, he is a good choice with his thorough command of the English language as well as Japanese business practices.  Kaz prepares carefully for meetings, and he is always on time.  And while looking at places, he is willing to take whatever time is needed to look over everything.  Kaz is very flexible, a quality I inadvertently tested by bringing several friends to one of our meetings without previous notice. He handled the situation with grace, and I was relieved.  I highly recommend Kaz to anyone needing help in navigating the many options for living in Tokyo.
Marianne Wilson

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