Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Kate from US

I contacted Harada-san as soon as I realized I would need to move.  I had about 1 month to get out of my old place and into the new one!  Harada-san sent me a pretty thorough survey, but boy, he can find apartments!  The first place we viewed ended up being the apartment I chose.  It matched nearly everything I could have asked for!!  I gotta say, the longer I am in this place, the happier I am!  He not only nailed the apartment interior, but he nailed the neighborhood type I was after as well.

He handled all the set-up and paperwork, and was very thorough when explaining everything from the contract, to the guarantor company, to how/when to prep for the gas to be turned on!  He even accommodated the long distance I had to travel and my work hours.  I signed the contract the weekend before I moved, so that I could make the 2 hour train journey the week prior. 

When you're attempting to navigate Japanese real-estate, it is really great to have Harada-san on your side!

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