Friday, February 5, 2010

Bernard & Michelle from Singapore

Owing to the excellent support from Kinoshita-san and his efficient team, especially Kaz-san, not only did we manage to find a house through Hikari Home, but we were also able to complete the contracting procedures all within one week. Our agent, Kaz-san, was exceptionally attentive to our requirements and went the extra mile to search for our ideal home. The pace of his replies to our emails (usually no more than half a day) was beyond the industry service standard. I say this because this would be the third time that I am moving in Tokyo, and that I have written to several other housing agents in Tokyo prior to engaging Hikari Home, but their responses were often slow (a few days).

While Hikari Homes has an awesome selection of houses for rent, we were initially unable to find one which met all our requirements. Kaz-san was flexible, and agreed to facilitate our search for other houses beyond what Hikari Home was advertising. We then went on to google for houses carried by other websites, and emailed the details to Kaz-san, who promptly followed-up to check with the other companies on the availability of those houses.

The service of Hikari Home is truly impeccable. Kaz-san even facilitated our application for utilities and recommended good house movers for us. The efficiency of Kinoshita-san, Kaz-san and the entire team at Hikari Home enabled us to find a house which matched our requirements in lightning pace. Kaz-san gets our vote for the best housing agent of the month. It is my third move in Tokyo, but by far the most trouble-free. If you have not checked out Hikari Home, give it a shot. Believe me, you will have no regrets.

Bernard & Michelle

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