Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rachel From Boston, USA

I didn’t quite believe the stories I had read about how difficult and time-consuming it is to find and rent an apartment in Tokyo – many of them recommended using a Real Estate Agent. Now that I have been through the process, I strongly agree and I highly recommend choosing Hikari Home as your Real Estate Agent!

I was not happy with my short-term apartment and I decided to look for a nicer place. In less than 2 weeks, Kato-san (Seiya Kato) helped me find a place that matched my budget and was located on the subway line I use for my daily commute into work.

Right from the start, Kato-san explained the upfront costs about renting in Japan to properly set expectations and carefully went through the available listings with me, which were all written in Japanese. Once I had decided on a place, Kato-san immediately filed an application and after a few days, once it was approved, he worked instantly to file all the necessary paperwork, sign the rental contract and provide me with the keys. All the time, he kept me in the loop and quickly responded to my emails. Kato-san even helped me set up my utilities contacting the companies, which really was a huge help since I do not speak Japanese.

I would absolutely recommend Hikari Home and Kato-san to anyone looking for a residence in Tokyo! The experience was fast, clear, thorough and best of all, pleasant and friendly! I definitely felt like Kato-san was doing his very best to help me find and move into my new home! I was impressed by his professionalism, responsiveness and attentiveness.

Rachel B. from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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