Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dan from U.S

Having lived in Tokyo before, I know how difficult it can be to find a place that fits one's budget. I had never heard if Hikari Home before, but their web-site was well constructed and easy to use and provided an array of choices for search results. I was able to easily find the kind of place I was looking for ahead of time and contact the necessary agent before even arriving in Japan.

Mr. Seiya Kato was a tremendous help every step of the way. From the initial phone conversation to signing the final paperwork he was able to answer my questions and was very professional throughout the entire process. I was especially appreciative of the type of service that Mr. Seiya Kato provided to me as a client. He was very good about responding to emails, returning phone calls, answering questions, explaining legalities, and working to meet my needs.

The place that I ended up deciding on was a very nice area of the Minato ward, which is truelly convenient as far as transportation, dinnig, and proximity to other areas. Since the deciding factor for me was the shortest commute to my place of employment I was very thankful that Mr. Seiya Kato found what I was looking for. His light-heartedness, and genuine personality made what could have been a big heart ache, a smooth transition. I would highly recommend Hikari Home to anyone, especially a first timer to Japan, who is expects professionalism and a good customer experience when looking for housing in Tokyo.

Seiya Kato-San, thank you very much for helping me through this process. I am very satisfied with the service you provided.

Dan N.
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