Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Theodore from Hong Kong

I would like to thank Kato, Seiya-san and Hikari home for making my move into Tokyo so comfortable. I was somewhat afraid of looking for an apartment in Tokyo due to the difficulties I heard regarding foreigners attempting to make a lease. Kato-san was very helpful and clear, listing out the steps and costs we would go through in the process. He then listed several mansions based on my requirements and wishes, then together we toured through Tokyo to visit them. After choosing a very spacious apartment in a great neighborhood, Kato-san expedited the paperwork knowing I wanted to move in as fast as possible. Kato-san then went the extra mile to help me organize furniture rentals, and ensured that everything would be ready (including utilities) on my move in date. Throughout the process I was often surprised when I received calls from the office way past working hours as well as on the weekend. Kato-san and Hikari home is one of the best examples of the service level in Japan which made me want to live here.
Thank you Kato-san and please get some rest!

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