Sunday, October 2, 2011

Galen from USA

Living in a temp apartment and working 12+ hours per day, I was eager to get situated in my own apartment in Japan. Not speaking any Japanese or being familiar with many neighborhoods in Tokyo, I was nervous about my upcoming deadline to find an apartment. In one Sunday afternoon, Kaz and I saw several apartments in the Omostesando area before finding the perfect apartment for me in Naka-meguro. I could not be more satisfied with the place I found and the terms of the rental. But Kaz followed through even after I had already committed to the apartment. He worked with HR at my own company, my relocation service, the gas company, and the internet company. When I moved in, it was a one shot process to getting set up. I could not be more relieved and grateful to Kaz and Ms. Sakamaki for their help.

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