Sunday, June 28, 2015

Krzysztof from Poland

Knowing how hard is to find a property in Japan (Tokyo), I started
looking for a highest rated and valued estate agent (that is friendly
and sympathetic towards foreigners) prior to my relocation from London
to Tokyo. While on the quest to find the right company, I have learned
about Hikari and after sending an initial e-mail asking whether Hikari
could help me, Kaz contacted me. Then it was all business! We have
arranged things when I was still abroad. Upon my arrival I have meet
with Kaz and we began searching for properties that would meet my
criteria and which would also welcome foreign tenant. Let me say, that
seeing Kaz at work is quite something. He is professional, quick,
friendly and very cheerful and outgoing). He has a very flexible
schedule, an infinite amount of patience, and works very hard to help

To cut long story short - we have found the property I liked, Kaz
helped me by taking care about talking to the management company and
then making sure that everything is in order. He also helped me to get
insurance for the apartment, setup utilities (electricity and gas,
etc.), and he had explained everything that was happening along the
way with great amount of details so that I was aware of what is going
on with the application and later the contract all the time.

My experience was absolutely delightful and I will be always grateful
to Kaz (and Hikari) for his help, and I would (and will) recommend Kaz
to anyone who is new to Tokyo and needs a hand when looking for a
property here.

Again, thank you Kaz for all the help! You are the best!

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